Why an Indoor Playground is a Great Place to Bring Your Kid
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Why an Indoor Playground is a Great Place to Bring Your Kid

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We all remember the joy of playtime as a child. We spent hours investigating hills of crawling ants, waiting our turn to go down the same slide over and over again, and creating stories with our new friends for the day. Most of us wouldn’t exchange the time we spent playing as kids for anything.

Children can turn almost any place they encounter into a space for play, but both parents and children love the fun and social atmosphere of indoor playgrounds.

Enjoy Playtime with Your Child at an Indoor Playground

Why should you bring your children to an indoor playground for birthday parties, school break entertainment, or afternoon fun? Indoor playgrounds are ideal for both children and their parents.

  1. Available Year Round – Unlike outdoor parks, indoor playgrounds are available and usable on the coldest and hottest days of the year. When the temperamental Canadian weather throws winter snow or summer rain your way, children don’t have a place to release their pent-up energy. Instead of letting them tear through your home, bring your kids to an indoor playground where they can run, climb, and play until they’ve finally run out of steam.

  2. Federal Standards of Safety – Indoor playgrounds are constructed first and foremost with your child’s safety in mind. If you’re picturing the rusty swing sets and splintering wooden slides of your childhood, you’re in for a treat. Indoor playground equipment is required to meet certain federal standards for child safety, and facilities carefully section off areas for age-appropriate equipment and materials.

  3. Trusted, Reliable Supervision – It’s difficult for most parents to take their eyes off of their children for even a minute and even harder for them to trust others with their care. But indoor playgrounds are staffed with trained childcare professionals whose primary concern is always your children’s safety and happiness. Supervisors are constantly on the watch for disagreements, unsafe playing, or injuries, and they are equipped to handle any type of emergency.

  4. Regularly Cleaned and Maintained Equipment – Playing outside is certainly fun, but it’s difficult for parents to control what their children are exposed to on outside playgrounds, backyards, or neighbourhood streets. Indoor playgrounds are held to the highest cleanliness and maintenance standards to avoid spreading contagions and exposing your children to old, unsafe playground equipment.

  5. A Few Precious Moments to Yourself – One of the best reasons to bring your children to an indoor playground is that they keep your child entertained so that you have time to relax. Take these hours to catch up on office emails, chat with other parents, or spend some time with a good book. Your child’s time at an indoor playground is your time to do whatever you want to do.

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