What Should Do To Build An Interior Digital Sports Park?
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What Should Do To Build An Interior Digital Sports Park?

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To make people like a certain product, the core is to create products and market that meets the pain points, needs, scenes, all of these will influence their decisions. For people of Z generations, the indoor digital sports park project which attract them must be related to the aesthetic, value orientation, and scene needs customers.

Pokiddo have summarized some experiences by investigating the excellent venues and build our own indoor playground these years and here are something share with you:

1,Update indoor sports park equipment


Pokiddo Sports Park  actually upgrad on the basis of traditional trampoline parks. In order to catch customer preferences and consumption habits, and better integrate the novelty, adventure, and immersive experience that these customers like into our project. The survey showed that 65 % of the new projects we added are Z. Our venue can basically be divided into three parts: 50 % of sports competitions, 30 % of amusement entertainment and 20 % adventure experience

There are some sports competitions, such as chanllenge course, climbing, and trampoline.at the same time  with some digital movements, such as simulated archery, urban basketball, football, etc. final with some  amusement entertainment equipment, The typical representative of the amusement is the slide carnival. electric entertainment equipment, such as laser CS, VR, including the rotating Trojan horses of this mechanical class, etc., are all called amusement and entertainment equipment. We recommend that 30%of the supporting facilities. Equipment includes mini bungee jumping, including some high expansion, including this jumping tower, including high -altitude autumn and jumping slides, and so on. Among them, the proportion of new and upgraded projects has reached 60%, such as VR, naked eye 3D, interactive digital movement, etc., high -altitude expansion, indoor MINI bungee, high -altitude autumn and so on.

2,Do a good job of planning layout, environmental design and decoration of sports park

indoor playground design project

If we do plan, there are two important elements:we need to consider operation to do planning

Because considering investors, we need good investment returns to investors when we are planning. So when it comes to investment returns, in the final analysis, whether the venue can attract people, can it attract the crowd of generations in today's society?

For planning, a reasonable and scientific layout is very important. It is a key step after your early venue positioning and selection. Another important element is environmental design and decoration. The two are closely related, the core of the environmental design is a word "beauty".

But this beauty is either you think it is beauty or not,you need to investigate what people like, then it will be successful. 

In a word, young people in generations usually like fun and interesting games. As long as your products they like,then  you can catch their hearts.

please do feel free to contact us, we will help you to build a most popular indoor playground!!!

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