What does the interactive science wall mean for children's education and development?
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What does the interactive science wall mean for children's education and development?

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     Science Wall is a collection of ball toys, music systems and sensory games made up of multiple walls. You can combine different science walls and unique science walls according to your preferences. We put the ball into the automatic ascending pipe, so that the ball falls randomly from a height, which can be randomly dropped, or along the predetermined path, and touch the music device to produce various notes.

interactive science wall

interactive science wall

    The Science Wall is a brand-new educational children's toy,owing to its newness,most children are willing to have a try.Besides,the newness is just a part,its educational significance makes it more attractive.It can exercise hands-on ability, train thinking, and different combinations allow children to experience more than one wall.High appearance is also a major feature of it.It can satisfy children's pursuit of beautiful things.

Part 2:Is the Science Wall just a wall ?

    Of course not!If you want, the science wall can be huge, huge enough to be an indoor amusement park.

    If you own a large indoor venue, I would recommend this type of interactive science wall. It has these components in the picture, it sucks the ball into the pipe and throws it out in different ways, which is very interesting.

interactive science wall

interactive science wall

    Compared with the interactive science wall in the form of a wall, this type of interactive science wall is more playable and more attractive to players of different ages.Of course, you can also choose to buy a machine separately, but in this case the playability is not as strong.

    And although each of the scientific wall parts in the combined form is powered independently, the largest combination of three-in-one + four ball machines is only 0.8KW power,so it is very safe.By the way,since they are really big and have a lot of easily damaged parts, we will disassemble them for shipment to ensure the integrity of the goods. But don't worry, they are very simple to assemble. If you have any questions or encounter any difficulties in assembly, you can also consult us, we will provide you with assembly videos, or video telephone guidance.

Part 3:How it benefits children?

    The first is the benefit for hands-on ability.As a science wall,it is composed of various science parts.To assemble this wall,hands-on ability is a must. During the assembly process,children will have the chance to choose what they want or like.The assembly process also becomes a part of the experience of wall play.As the saying goes,“Interest is the best teacher.”

    The loved things will arouse their desire and they will be more involved in the assembly of the wall.Thus,the process will be enjoyable.Besides,after assembling,the process of playing also requires hands-on operation.In the end, children can reap the feast of the senses,it will also make children proud of their own achievements.

interactive science wall

    Besides,it make a good sense for thinking training.Science is a brain activity,you should use your imagination to make fun.Enjoying the science also needs broad imagination,and the process of imagining will train their thinking ability.The world is not black and white,children need multiple possibilities.The wall is the best one to experience various possibilities because the wall doesn't need correct answers.Different combinations have its own charms and effects and also cause children to think differently.

interactive science wall

     Next,friends.Nowadays,smartphone penetration is increasing.More and more children live in the virtual reality so that the chance to make real friends decreases.The appearance of the science wall will help children play together.The whole process is difficult so calling other kids for help is advocated.During this period, friendship will sprout and children's communication skills will be improved.The sense of cooperation will gradually become stronger and their imagination will get the effect of 1+1 greater than 2.

    Above all,the Science Wall is a good partner to help children develop their feelings, contact the world, and exercise their abilities. It is very worthwhile to use.


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