What do well-run sports theme parks have in common? Pokiddo answers for you
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What do well-run sports theme parks have in common? Pokiddo answers for you

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With the development of the economy, the sports theme park market is at the peak of rapid development. Venue investors expect to do a good job in the sports theme park business. What do those well-run sports theme parks have in common? Pokiddo, a professional indoor sports theme park franchise brand, will answer your questions.


1. Safe and high-quality equipment for sports theme parks

For sports theme parks, the safety of sports amusement equipment is the most important. Only high-quality sports amusement equipment and standardized sports theme park measures can ensure the safety of tourists. In addition, cheap equipment not only increases the maintenance cost of the sports theme park, but also brings hidden dangers in the operation process.

Since friction is prone to occur during playing in the venue, investors in sports venues should also ensure the safety during the play, so that parents can safely bring their children into the sports theme park, thereby driving the popularity and revenue of the sports theme park. Therefore, in terms of hardware, sports theme park operators must purchase high-quality amusement equipment, and then consider its novelty and playability, instead of just pursuing cheap products.

2. Professional and high-quality services in sports theme parks

If good products are the hard power of sports theme parks, then high-quality service is the key to improving the competitiveness of sports theme parks. Before the sports theme park opens, recruiting responsible venue staff is a prerequisite for improving services.

Secondly, it is necessary to carry out professional venue service personnel training, such as appearance, product inspection, service attitude and related professional operation knowledge. In short, good service should be centered on customer needs and meet customer needs. Customers will naturally come to your venue.

Organize different types of events. It can increase the revenue of sports theme parks and increase customer stickiness. It also provides a better platform or environment for the team that comes to participate in the team building of the sports theme park to record this beautiful moment and effectively promote the image of the park.


3. Sports theme park discounts

How to let more customers know about the activities and discounts in the venue, in addition to regular WeChat circle of friends, leaflets and promotions on some online platforms, it is also a good way to form business alliances with other stores.

4. Differentiated membership management in sports theme parks

Membership is by far the most profitable way for Chinese playgrounds. Currently, major venues use membership systems to manage their members. With the continuous increase of members, we need to classify and differentiate management of members, find out members with a high proportion of consumption, and provide personalized services and special priority treatment. For high-value members, implement "one-to-one" service marketing as much as possible.

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