What Are The Specific Target Groups of Trampoline Parks?
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What Are The Specific Target Groups of Trampoline Parks?

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       The rise of the trampoline craze on TikTok has prompted many investors to see the bright future of the trampoline park industry and are eager to own their own trampoline park. However, in order to target specific user groups, investors need to understand the concept of a user portrait.

       User profiling involves labeling customers by using tags, which are data identifiers that express a certain dimension of a person's basic attributes, behavioral tendencies, and interest preferences. This helps to concisely describe and classify groups of people such as trampoline enthusiasts, those born in certain years, zodiac signs, and occupations such as white-collar workers.

        As the saying goes, understanding customers is key to success, and profiling trampoline park users is useful for investors to find accurate users and achieve financial goals quickly.

The target group for trampoline parks typically includes individuals aged 3-55, such as families, students, extreme sports players, teams looking for corporate team building, young white-collar workers who focus on fitness and weight loss, and office workers who use it to relieve stress.


Different consumer groups have unique needs, for example:

- Families with children visit trampoline parks for a fun and safe environment to play together, thus improving their parent-child bond.

- Teenagers are looking for more exciting and fresh plays and use trampoline sports to enjoy various interesting tricks.

- Companies often use trampoline games for their employees to relax while enhancing the team's centripetal force.

- Fitness and weight loss enthusiasts use trampolines for aerobic exercise which burns fat and trims the body shape, similar to jogging but less stressful on the body.

- Extreme sports players usually have a basic foundation in various sports and enjoy the challenge of new ways to exercise. Trampoline parks provide various fancy trampoline movements to satisfy this type of people.

- Trampoline parks are often busiest during winter and summer holidays and weekends, where families, children, and students come.

- On workdays, young white-collar workers mainly take advantage of the team buildings and trampoline training.

The trampoline park industry is still experiencing a high demand and has immense potential for growth. As long as investors understand user psychology, they are likely to earn considerable profits.


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