What are the safety instructions for playgrounds?
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What are the safety instructions for playgrounds?

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Now almost every city has children's playgrounds, big and small. What are the safety instructions for playgrounds?

When you play, you should pay attention to these points.

1. Tourist's instructions are installed in the places where children's playgrounds are noticeable. They should be read carefully when playing. Before choosing the ride equipment, they should ride in accordance with the regulations.

2. When you play, listen to the arrangement of the staff, and respond to the problems in time. If you have any discomfort, immediately negotiate with the staff.

3. When riding amusement equipment, fasten the seat belt, fasten the locking device, observe whether the safety bar is pressed properly, and don't jump over the rail at will.

4. For the sake of safety, when riding amusement equipment, you should sit in a good posture and never extend your hands, feet and head out of the cabin to avoid injury, let alone wilfully shake the cabin.

5. Never go upstream or downstream until the amusement equipment is stopped.

6. When you play in an aquatic park, you should never extend your head to the suction and sprinkler so as to avoid accidents.

7. If accidental injuries are caused by imperfect amusement facilities or staff members'negligence, complaints may be lodged with local authorities.

8. Choose a regular playground to play.

9. Do not ride recreational facilities that are not inspected or unqualified.

10. Safety precautions

11. Don't wear glasses

12. Don't panic when an accident occurs. When an amusement facility is in operation and a power failure occurs, don't get off the bus until the staff has notified you. It's the safest thing in the cabin, waiting for emergency rescue.

13. Relevant credentials should be retained in safeguarding rights. When problems arise in amusement facilities, more on-site information should be retained on the premise of ensuring their own safety. For example, video, audio, photos, etc., at the same time, the relevant tickets and admission certificates should be kept so as to protect the rights of use in the future.

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