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Trampoline Park Management Skill

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Trampoline parks have become very popular and attract a diverse range of customers, including children, young people, and even middle-aged individuals. Management skills for trampoline parks differ from those of traditional children's parks. Let's explore some essential management skills for trampoline halls.


1. Trampoline park opening publicity

Effective publicity before opening can help build a local brand, expand influence and attract popularity. Offering free experience coupons, organizing interactive activities, and providing small gifts related to the brand can help potential customers know about the trampoline park and attract parents with children. A lively and happy atmosphere during the trial opening can leave a good impression on parents.

2. Recharge card and membership card services

Offering recharge cards and membership cards with sufficient discounts is an excellent way to accumulate customers. Personalizing membership cards and differentiating benefits for members and non-members can cultivate customer loyalty. Set up WeChat groups to promote discounts, distribute small gifts, and personalize the customer experience. The consumption packages of trampoline park membership cards are diverse and can be set up based on children's experience, adult experience, or parent-child family experience, providing customers with more choices.


3. Employee training management

Trampoline parks should provide professional guidance and protection during customer experience. Training and hiring staff with professional trampoline knowledge and skills is crucial. Staff should pay attention to etiquette and attitude, be patient with customers, and help maintain an enjoyable atmosphere. Employee management is essential to maintaining customer safety and enhancing the brand's image.

4. Trampoline park activity planning

Holding regular events during statutory holidays for all age groups can enhance the customer experience. Diverse activities, such as trampoline competitions and promoting trampoline knowledge, can improve popularity and deepen customers' impressions of the park.


Newly opened trampoline parks should pay attention to details to achieve success. Careful planning before launch can yield positive returns, attract more customers, and enhance the brand's image. Effective management skills in the trampoline park can lead to satisfied customers and long-term business growth.

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