Top Ten Considerations for Taking Kids to the Playground
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Top Ten Considerations for Taking Kids to the Playground

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Many parents like to take their children to amusement parks when they grow to a certain extent, and children, because of their nature, are more fond of what is in the amusement park. But taking children to the amusement park to play requires attention to a lot of places. Today, I would like to say 10 notes, I hope to give you a certain amount of advice and reminders, so that we can take children to play later time to pay attention to them.

First of all, do not have children near the lake by the river and so on, because in the amusement park, everyone is in a relaxed mood, sometimes do not pay special attention, for this kind of place if too close can easily give your child a human security threat. 

Second, when playing with a lot of people's collective projects, be sure to look up to the child's hands and head, do not stretch out to the outside of the facility, lest their hands be clipped or the head is knocked on. 

Third, if it is not for the new amusement park, some facilities with dangerous nature are best not to ride, in recent years there have been a lot of facilities accidents, just in case it is always good.

Four, remember, in the playground with children, must be in the child, children small, easy to run around, it is easy to go away with you, and if you and your children separated, this is a very troublesome thing, the consequences are very clear to everyone. 

Five, when playing with children, keep an eye on the weather, and if the dark clouds have come up, then stop queuing in places with many outfield people. 

Six, do not let children sit alone in recreational facilities, after all, children do not have enough self-care, which can easily bring danger to children, but also affect the mood of children. Seven, when posing for photos, be sure to pay attention to the geographical situation around you. Avoid kowtow, and your child's safety will always be the first. 

Eight, because the child's mind is not particularly mature, we do not take children to play too exciting games, such as roller coaster, crazy mice, bungee jumping and other games, do not try, if scared children will not pay.

Nine, give the child some of his preferred food in advance, after all, the food in the playground is expensive, selective and less, and the health index is always not as good as their own preparation.

Ten, the appropriate to let the child rest, the child's energy is more exuberant, do not know tired, but as a parent, this is what you need to pay attention to.

In the end, I hope your children and you have a good time in the playground!

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