The importance of toys for kids
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The importance of toys for kids

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   Toys should let children exercise more of their imagination.

 We think it's wonderful that creativity and imagination have become the buzzwords for the twenty-first century.

 Everyone now recognizes that it's simply not enough to know" things. It takes a willingness to dream in order to achieve major accomplishments, not only in the arts, but in science and industry as well.

 Major corporations from computers to fast foods, running shoes to automobiles, now advocate the value of creativity and imagination in their product development, advertising and even in their business management practices.

 This is an era that requires imagination and creativity. Toys can develop the creativity and imagination of kids.

 Toys play a crucial role in childrens physical and mental development: they can mobilize childrens enthusiasm for activities and enhance their perceptual knowledge of external things. Toys can cause childrens association activities, active thinking, imagination and other activities. Cooperative toys can also help foster a sense of community and cooperation.


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