The first professional theme park in China designed with macaron tones
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The first professional theme park in China designed with macaron tones

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     The first professional theme park in China designed with macaron tones Pokiddo Trampoline Park Suqian Flagship Store Opened in Shuyang


Pokiddo Trampoline Park Suqian Flagship Store

Venue size: 3000 square meters

Floor height of trampoline hall: 12 meters


Yang of Pokiddo Vitality Space Suqian flagship store is always a big coffee in Wechat business, and his career is booming. He wants his children to have a safe and healthy playground, and has the idea of planning to open a paradise by himself.

Investor Zhou Zong is engaged in the decoration and soft decoration industry. After market research, the two found that the return on investment of trampoline halls is very good. The investor said: "There are also many trampoline manufacturers, and there are two important reasons for finally becoming attached to Pokiddo. Regarding Pokiddo's proposal: Pokiddo takes "vigor" as its gene and proposes a new concept of "vigor space". Jump, Touchthesky, firmly believe in "the vitality of children" It was "attracted by the brand new concept; it was also after contact that I found that Pokiddo is a dynamic and positive company."


The design and color characteristics of the venue provide suggestions for the design and decoration of the macaron-colored façade to maintain the unity of the overall style and enhance the immersion of the park.

The entire project has successfully built the first macaron-colored trampoline park in China in just 2 months from the confirmation to the final concept landing. The efficient landing ability benefits from our mature project management capabilities.


Professional trampoline area:



Rock climbing :

challenge different selves while rock climbing Be safe too

Devil Slide:

Nearly 90 degree vertical slide, Challenging children's adventurous spirit


Dry ski slide :


Dunk area:



In addition, there are many trampoline projects in trampoline venues.

Such as: free trampoline area, ocean ball pool, wisdom and bravery, rock climbing challenge, ninja clearance area, confrontation ball room, devil slide, one fall to the bottom of the net red spider tower and other 25+ projects.

Come to Suqian Internet Celebrity Trampoline Park to jump at your heart and jump out of infinite vitality.





Pokiddo Vitality Space Suqian flagship store has successfully held many trampoline park activities since its opening.The venue has always been popular, and the daily passenger flow is constant. Let us enjoy its outstanding style together.


Pokiddo Amusement, from site selection planning to environmental design, to personnel training, operation management, is fully prepared for you, allowing you to easily open a store.

Worried about cross-banking, no experience and no understanding of business? Rest assured, the one-stop solution for Pocket House Amusement will teach you how to open a store, so that you can open a store with zero burden and no pressure. ‍

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 Ms. Katie Zhang
 Yangwan Industrial Area,Qiaoxia Town,Yongjia County, Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China (Mainland)


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