Tell you a good project to make money!---Trampoline Park
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Tell you a good project to make money!---Trampoline Park

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      With the rapid development of the Internet today, many people have seen many videos of trampoline projects through various social media. Why has trampoline park become the hot project of modern playground? Why will it become a new blueprint for investment?



       Trampoline is a competitive sport in which athletes use the rebound of the trampoline to perform acrobatic skills in the air. It belongs to a kind of gymnastics and is known as "air ballet". In the 27th Sydney Olympic Games in 2000, trampoline was listed as an official event. The trampoline park originated in the United States and quickly became popular in European and American countries, becoming one of the most popular sports. It is one of the projects for team building, gatherings, and young people to play cool sports in European and American countries.

       Trampoline sports in China started relatively late, and it was only listed as an official competition in 1997. In 2002, the national trampoline team was established. Due to the good foundation of gymnastics competition, the trampoline park has developed very rapidly in China. In 2003, the Chinese team participated in the World Championships for the first time and won the runner-up in the women's team. For this reason, the trampoline park kicked off in China and set off a boom. However, trampoline parks can become the theme of modern amusement and a new blueprint for investment because of the large market demand, as well as the diversification of trampoline park projects, high safety performance, and high profitability.

1. The market demand for trampoline parks is large

       With the implementation of the two-child policy, many families are in the 6+1 model, the number of infants and young children has increased significantly, and the change of parents' educational concept has made the market demand more and more large. The biggest headache for parents every week is where to take their children to play. However, with the development of trampoline parks, trampoline parks have become one of the choices of many parents.

2. Diversification of trampoline parks

       The more items in the trampoline park, the greater the playability and the more traffic. In the trampoline park, there are various projects such as devil slides, free trampoline area, slam dunks, naughty castles, dry ski slides, spider towers, spider walls, professional trampolines, and ball pools. There are hundreds of cool ways to play. In the trampoline park, you can play, jump, run, slide, etc., and take away all the stress and troubles of your work and life.


3. The safety of trampoline park is high

       From the beginning of the design of the trampoline, our designers have focused on safety issues, so that the entire trampoline park is protected by soft bags from the ground to the wall. Each item is designed in accordance with relevant safety standards to ensure the safety of consumers, allowing consumers to devote themselves to sports. The trampoline park is also equipped with professional coaches and safety officers who can provide guidance at any time.

4. Trampoline parks have a high return on investment

       At present, trampoline parks are in the stage of large demand and low market satisfaction rate. The return on investment of trampoline parks is relatively large and the return on capital is relatively fast, which is suitable for investors to invest.

       In addition to the above reasons, trampoline parks also have many benefits for children's growth, such as exercise children's limbs, increase muscle strength, exercise children's coordination ability, and enhance children's physical fitness. Of course, the design of the trampoline park and the reliability of the trampoline equipment are also critical. If you need it, please feel free to contact us!

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