Several notes for the design of children's playground
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Several notes for the design of children's playground

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The design of the children's Park has a great impact on the future development of the amusement park, so the design and planning of the amusement park need to be investigated at the beginning of the amusement park.

Understanding the needs of  children

It is important to understand the needs of the children. Children have the right to play, to see pleasant colors in games, to experience pleasure in games, and to acquire knowledge from them. Children's games do not have a clear purpose, just out of an instinct. Their game is a reflection of the adult world. Observing, understanding and understanding the world from games is the best way for children to acquire knowledge. Such

Division of age grouping

Who is your target age group?  What age group needs to be considered?It is a very important process to decide which age group children will play in the playground and plan the playground for Betta. To establish a fully functional amusement park, we must give full consideration to the different needs of children of different ages and the stage of their development. If the playground still needs to receive disabled children, their special needs must be fully taken into account.


The objective conditions of the site
Define the area and boundary of the playground. Special attention should be paid to those objective factors, such as sewers, obstructions and lampposts, which will affect the placement of amusement facilities.

Entrance and exit of the site

The location of the playground must take into account the surrounding traffic conditions, whether it is convenient to ride a bicycle or a skateboard in the playground. Is it convenient to carry a baby car or wheelchair?

Installation of equipment and color

Light, shadow, sun, wind and other factors must be taken into account. Another important factor is the color of the site. The effect of color on children is obvious. Bright and cheerful colors bring children cheerful mood.

Selection of material for game equipment

Confirm that your supplier has passed the relevant national certification. Do not use materials containing toxic substances such as wood containing aluminum and arsenic.

Ground material protection

Ground protection must be consistent with the game facilities in the area. The protection ground can be sand, safe mat, sawdust surface, but must have enough thickness to reduce impact force. 


Understand product and function

Playgrounds must be exciting, inspiring and challenging for children and their adult escorts. The amusement facilities must be carefully selected. Choose all kinds of amusement facilities, such as mollusk modeling, swing, slide and water, sand and so on. Different types of games form the overall atmosphere of the playground. It is important to meet the needs of children of all ages. So playgrounds must keep abreast of the development stages and needs of children.

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