Reasons To Play Outdoor Games
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Reasons To Play Outdoor Games

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  • Health Benefits:  Since times immemorial, outdoor games have been associated with being robust and healthy. Such games boost the fitness level of kids and even make their bone structure stronger. Children who engage themselves in outdoor games have lower chances of being overweight, have better vision and have stronger immunity levels.

  • Social Skills: Outdoor games teach kids valuable social skills like taking and giving instructions, cooperating with others, helping and asking for help, sharing and much more. Kids become less inhibited and more confident with their peers.

  • Stimulates Creativity: The vastness and openness of the outdoors fuels a child’s imagination and sparks creativity. Children are free to do what they like without any rules and restrictions.

  • Emotional Well-Being: Outdoor games and activities improve children’s emotional well-being by making them happier, less anxious and also improving their attention spans. The natural intake of Vitamin D helps elevate the mood.

  • Promotes Problem Solving: The uncontrolled outdoor atmosphere teaches kids how to navigate in unfamiliar terrains with known or unknown people. Such exposure teaches them vital problem solving skills such as knowing when immediate action is needed, when to let go, how to find the way out of a difficult situation and so on.

  • Improves Communication Skills: Good communication is not only about being able to converse well but it’s also about being a good listener. Outdoor games teach kids this vital component of being a great communicator; the art of listening. Kids learn to listen to the ideas and point of view of other kids and ask for clarifications when needed.

  • Encourages Team-Work: Many outdoor games require team work. Teamwork learnt early in life has immense benefits as one grows and steps into the real world. A child who knows what it takes to work as a team will sail smoothly through life as an adult.

  • Love For Nature: Nature is a great teacher and friend. Outdoor games offer immense opportunities for kids to interact with different aspects of nature and cultivate a bond with it for life. Kids who develop love for nature grow up to be more empathetic people as adults and are more open to learning from others

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