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Profit and Return

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Owning an indoor playground can be a rewarding business. On average, you can expect to get your initial investment back within 6 months after opening your doors (payback period is 6 month), the annual return on investment is between 70% to 100% in the following years.

However, like any other type of business, the actual profit and return of individual indoor playground may vary, because no two business are the same, you should make your own financial analysis. Need some help on your financial analysis? This very informative tutorial in our Resource area will help you complete the job. Besides, you can join our conversation on Facebook and get immediate help and answer from our playground experts.

Below are some defining factors that will affect the profit and payback period of your play center business:

Starting an indoor playground is a considerable investment, but there are ways to greatly reduce your cost such as buying your play equipment directly from the manufacturer. Funlandia helps you conserve greatly your startup capital, which leads to a quicker return on your investment, and of course, much higher profit. The other major costs are rent and labor, by reading through Funlandia’s article about financial analysis, you will have a good understanding of your cost structure, and enter the business with confidence.

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