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Professional team--Pokiddo

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We believe that every step forward of Pokiddo Team is down-to-earth, and every project done counts.

We know that Pokiddo (since 2018) is still a young team in the entire amusement industry.

What made our Pokiddo survive through 2020-2022 when even a small noodle shop has been struggling because of the mask problem ?

We know that we have been doing one thing right is that in the past few years our team has been insisting on interpreting the attitude of making products with the spirit of marathon-persistence is victory!

We insist on the growth of the team and the continuous polishing of products. We hope to ensure the safety, fun and beauty of the equipment, and implement every detail into practice.

We hope our customers can all feel that Pokiddo team is a very reliable partner!

In the future, we will continue to walk side by side with customers and grow all the way!

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 Ms. Katie Zhang
 Yangwan Industrial Area,Qiaoxia Town,Yongjia County, Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China (Mainland)


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