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  • 2022 -5th aniversary of Bettaplay engaged with Pokiddo
    March,2022 is the 5th aniversary of Bettaplay engaged with Pokiddo, we are going to have big ceremony for this important moment.Being grateful of the supports from all of our customers,we are going to have friendly sales competing within our companies, and offer a great promotion for customers who p
  • A How To Keep The Indoor Playground Clean?
    It’s so hard to keep the kids entertained when they are out of school, especially on days that you just can’t take them to the park or the pool. These DIY outdoor play areas are perfect. They will keep your little ones happy and give you time to get things done around the house – or you could go out
  • How to build a money-making kid’s zone?
    How to build a money-making kid’s zone? Trust me with my idea you will earn more money. Every businessman’s final goal is to earn more money. How? What is the secret? 5 in 1 combination toys have amazing benefits for your business. 5 in 1 combination toys can save spaceAs an important part of busine
    Children's amusement park is a professional educational service institution for children aged 0 to 6 years. Unlike other amusement institutions, children's amusement park must take children's safety as the first priority. Most of them are indoors, and through some creative amusement equipment and in
  • What’s most important for educating our children today?
    In this future, what attributes will be most critical for our children to learn to become successful in their adult lives? What’s most important for educating our children today? For me it’s about passion, curiosity, imagination, critical thinking and grit.
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