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  • Indoor Trampoline Theme Park!!Exercise is no Longer Boring!!!
    Indoor trampoline theme park!!Exercise is no longer boring!!!The modern trampoline originated in 1934. American gymnast George Nissen used rubber inner tube material to improve the early trampoline prototype composed of canvas and junkyard waste, and developed the world's first patented trampoline e
  • Various gameplay of the Sponge Pool in the Trampoline Park
    Various gameplay of the sponge pool in the trampoline parkAre you still worried about what to play in the trampoline park team game?Let us welcome various gameplay of the sponge pool.Pick Up the Sponge Blocks from Back to BackHow to playFirst, divide the participants into 2- 3 teams and each team ca
  • Why Indoor Playgrounds Keep Kids Happy & Healthy
    It is very important for parents to keep children active, happy and healthy. According to the American Heart Association, Children should get at least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous activity per day. As we all know how difficult it can be to keep your kids active when the weather is bad, which i
  • “Sports+Enjoyable+Social communication”---A new form to open the parent-child trampoline park business
    “Sports+Enjoyable+Social communication”,A new form to open the parent-child business 1.Present situation of shopping mall 2. Improvement ways of build a parent-child playground 3.The real case of parent-child trampoline park
  • How much does it cost to open a 300-square-meter trampoline gym?
    Now there are many potential entrepreneurial projects appearing in the market, trampoline hall is one of them, not only for children's entertainmentThe project is also an entertainment project for adults, especially suitable for the family to go out to play. The first project is popular in the marke
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