“Sports+Enjoyable+Social communication”---A new form to open the parent-child trampoline park business
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“Sports+Enjoyable+Social communication”---A new form to open the parent-child trampoline park business

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“Sports+Enjoyable+Social communication”---A new form to open the parent-child business

Present situation of shopping mall

Here is a conversation about the youth's social life on the weekends:

—— What are the trendy of young people playing with friends right now?Will you go outing?Go to Shopping Mall every weekend?

—— Outing and hiking?Can let us cross the city to have a dinner is already the big decision.Shopping MallVisit every time, watch a movie, day after day, it’s so boring.After giving birth to a child, weekends are busy with training classes... the only one reason for willing to stay in the mall, is tired to rest.Because it can put the child in the parent-child game area to let him play.

           The dialogue exposes the embarrassment of the entertainment life of young people today.Shopping Mall as the most complex commercial playground in the city, it can meet the one-stop weekend shopping and leisure.And the so-called "customer magnet" parent-child business format has also become the standard of every shopping mall.Common equipment is to put on the building blocks, clay,naughty castle,trampoline park,EPP blocks,slightly bigger may have a balloon castle, ball pool these.Baby playing, parents in the side to play the mobile phone has become a common scenery in this kind of business.On the contrary, in the shopping activities, the baby can not participate in is a burden, adults can not fully relax to go shopping.So, is there a better solution that can make adults happy and babies happyHow to effectively improve the children's business consumption frequency?How to link education, amusement and retail with consumption?


Improvement ways of build a parent-child playground

       At present, there are four possible improvement ways in the parent-child playground of many commercial Spaces.

  • The first is the single experience, one-way interaction.Can not let the parents and children with the fun, deep interaction;

  • Second, the lack of theme or story.Just a mechanical patchwork of children's entertainment equipment, with a hodgepodge of excitement, but no recognition and immersion;

  • The third is the lack of new ideas of entertainment equipment and entertainment methods. In the current situation where the interest threshold of people (both adults and children) is getting higher and higher, it is necessary to introduce new entertainment ideas to attract customers;

  • Fourth, in the background of net red economy market, making "popular mark point"is the winning key.The successful example of this aspect is that Changchun this has a mountain, do enough scene, atmosphere, experience, gimmick, with a network red face breakthrough circle layer block, become a customer flow winner.


The real case of parent-child trampoline park

        In the recent shopping mall design practice, a brand new exploration has been carried out: sports cross-border business and supermarket format, through clever spatial layout, to create a three-in-one parent-child interaction scene of "sports + entertainment + social communication", interspersed with sports-related Scattered business modules allow parents and babies to go shopping, eat, eat and enjoy non-stop!


        This case is a large cultural and tourism complex in the Wenzhou.

         Through a comprehensive analysis of the project location significance, customer group characteristics and other information, aiming at the two core audiences of "Mesozoic parent-child" and "New generation post-90s and post-00s", the former's demands for combination of leisure and sports, parent-child interaction, and creation of growth memories were respectively solved. To solve the latter's demand for emerging experiences and offline diverse social entertainment, multimedia innovations have been introduced into traditional leisure sports projects, creating an "entertainment sports mode" and "social entertainment mode", high A cool futuristic sports park with strong immersion and interaction.


After in-depth market insight and audience analysis, we screened seven sports themes, including entertainment sports, basketball, trampoline, rock climbing,pirate ship,spider wall and super slide.

The first floor mainly arranged in the rock climbing area / trampoline area / super slide area / CF game area.

The second floor plans leisure area, forming an open and interactive play atmosphere, which is also a point planning layout area of atmosphere, business and leisure catering.

Next, let's look the highlights of the case.


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