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methods to slide

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The slide is crucial for children's growth. Providing some good games and environment is the most direct way to enable them to achieve the basic goal of playing and learning in the first stage of life.  Through the game, children can not only exercise their physical fitness, develop sports skills, increase their sense of balance and coordination, but also learn to communicate, stimulate their potential and improve their cognitive and linguistic abilities in the course of social activities.  As the saying goes, " Sit seven, climb eight". When your baby can play, parents can take the baby to Children's Paradise in the spring.  On the one hand, exercise the baby's limbs and improve its ability to move.  On the other hand, let the baby watch the activities of the older child to stimulate the baby's desire to play on the slide.  The following methods are described: 

  1. Slide with the help of adults: When the baby can sit on its own, mom and dad can take the baby to play with the slide.  The father or mother held the baby on the slide, holding both hands under the baby's armpit and sliding down from top to bottom, saying, " Ooh, the plane is flying."  When the baby has played several times, with experience, mom and dad just need to put the baby on the slide, mom crouches at the bottom of the slide, dad stands next to the slide to watch the baby and let the baby slide down.

  2. When the baby can walk wobbly, mom and dad can play with the baby on a low, gentle slide.  The mother held her hands under her baby's armpits to help the baby climb to the top of the slide and encourage the baby to slide down ( mom and dad can't hold the baby hard and check whether the sides of the slide are smooth and stained before sliding ).

  3. Baby's independent slide play: When the baby can play on the tall slide, let the baby climb the slide and then slide down.

  4. Play the slide with your partner: Mom and Dad take your baby to Children's Paradise to play the slide with your partner, guide your baby to actively interact with your partner and cultivate the baby's humility.  We can also use encouraging language to induce the baby: " The baby is good, let the little brother play first, will you?"  If the baby performs particularly well while playing on the slide with his companions, parents can give the baby appropriate encouragement.

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