Let children exercise in play
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Let children exercise in play

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Many parents feel that their children are too playful, which is very troublesome. But play is a child's nature, which begins to develop at birth. Parents should not control their children from playing when they think they are too fond of playing. They should never inhibit their children's nature. Parents should not only accompany them to grow up in play, but also let their children choose the most suitable entertainment for them, so that their children can develop physically and mentally in play. So what should parents do?

First, more contact with new things. Fresh things are very important for children to enrich their lives and keep them curious and fresh about life. After the children have finished their homework, parents can guide them to read different kinds of books. In addition, we can also take children together to do manual, scientific experiments and so on, can achieve their ability to achieve new things, enrich their knowledge, and develop their minds.

It is not enough to take children to discover new things. Parents should learn to guide their children to observe and think more in order to improve their creativity. In this process, children may be more timid, parents should encourage and praise their children, patiently accompany them. In addition, not all new things are good. Parents should teach their children to distinguish between new things and not to touch things that are not suitable for them.

Second, enhance interest. Children are not very attentive, and they are very hot for many things for three minutes. They will soon get tired and feel bored. Therefore, parents should pay more attention to accompanying their children in the process of playing, and can join some of their own games or new play methods to attract children's attention. In addition, parents can teach their children to enjoy themselves and teach them to play. For example, when children line up to play on the slide, they can tell their children that in many cases they need to queue up. Everyone should queue up in an orderly manner, and they can't jump in the queue. Make fun and education coexist. Parents should also pay attention to controlling the time when playing with their children. If the time is too long, the children are prone to fatigue and boredom.

Third, take part in outdoor activities. Many parents are busy with their work for a day. When they come back, they just want to stay at home and don't want to go out. They will let their children play at home by themselves. But this is not good for children's physical and mental development. Or when it's cold, I'm afraid my child will go out and get frozen. There are many benefits for children to participate in outdoor activities, so that they can breathe fresh air and be close to nature. Outdoor activities can enhance children's resistance. Experts say that children who often play outdoors are better physically than those who stay at home and have a stronger ability to adapt to changes in the external environment. In addition, outdoor activities can increase the vitality of the respiratory system and promote growth and development.

Fourth, foster children's interest. Children are full of curiosity about many things around them. They have strong learning ability. Parents should be good at discovering and guiding their children to find their hobbies. Interest is the best teacher. Only by learning because of interest can we learn happier and better.

Playing with children is also a learning. Parents should encourage their children to spend a happy and full childhood while playing with them.

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