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Kidsplay Indoor Fun

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For the kids -

    Over 1000 square feet of toys and play equipment
    A 500 square foot multi-leveled obstacle course with slides, ball pits, and extra surprises
    Roller coasters, rock climbing wall, jumbo blocks, play kitchen, a train table, and much, much more

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For the parents -

    Soft, plush, antimicrobial carpet allows safety and comfort as the kids run around
    Free WiFi
    Two mounted TVs tuned to ESPN, E!, TLC, CNN, CCTV,etc. (So the kids can play while you watch the game or catch up on the news)
    Strict safety and cleanliness protocol
    A "coffee zone" with full view of play area, which allows you to sit back, relax, have some coffee, and check your iPad, while still keeping your kids in your view

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 Ms. Katie Zhang
 Yangwan Industrial Area,Qiaoxia Town,Yongjia County, Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China (Mainland)


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