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kids need play

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Children with good physical qualities will be much better at flexibility, coordination and resistance to setbacks than "flowers in the greenhouse". Children who like outdoor sports will not easily fall; Even a fall is not serious, physical pain than the fun of playing, the child will continue to get up from the ground to fight. The longer children spend outdoors, the more exercise and testing they undergo, and the stronger their bodies become.

Outdoor sports can make children cheerful and easy to get along with. Because the fun of playing alone is no more than the fun of playing with many people, children naturally love to be with their children. Where children go, no introduction, no need to know who the other is, as long as the same age, like-minded, will play together. Children who like to play with others will not feel lonely and will not have psychological problems.

Outdoor sports enable children to learn many skills before they know it. At home, can't ride a bike, swim, fly a kite, climb a mountain, skate, ski... To the outdoors, the children will naturally find some things to do, cycling today, swimming tomorrow, the day after tomorrow to fly a kite, the day after tomorrow to climb a mountain... In free, unrestrained outdoor sports, children can learn a lot of skills.

Outdoor sports can make children's vision open, broad-minded, energetic. Those children who stay at home, narrow vision, narrow contact, and lack of ability to deal with people, is bound to affect their future development. Outdoor sports can enable children to overcome these limitations, more modern charm.

Outdoor sports have so many advantages, but still some parents will say that children who like outdoor sports have both advantages and disadvantages. For example, they are not clean, disobedient, dangerous and troublesome. How should parents recognize and treat these negative comments?

Children, like cats and dogs, grow up in a world of trial and error. Children afraid of dirty clothes, what dare not move, dare not touch, is not promising. To keep children dressed neatly is to treat them like puppets. No life, no creativity, how sad it is! Children's clothes, trousers, shoes dirty point, wear quickly, is normal, is the inevitable price to pay. Parents take a bath for the child every day, wash clothes, although hard, but look at the child healthy and happy growth, this bitter, tired in there is no sweet?

Children need opportunities and conditions, not accusations. Provide him with bicycles, skateboards, skates, kites, swimsuits, swimming trunks, balls, vitality boards, rackets and so on when economic conditions permit; There is no economic opportunity to provide children with local materials, sticks, sticks, stones, tiles, branches... Just play. The appliance that plays, condition is secondary, the mood that plays, ability is main. Some children than other people's equipment, what did not play also angry; Some children have nothing, running up and down, a stick can dance a lot of patterns, a piece of tile can play a lot of water drift, the child has no lack of what the feeling -- smart children can play anything can play a good mood.

Play is play, do not interfere with children too much, ask too much. Why do some parents always suspect the child is not obedient, not sensible? It may be because parents' rules and requirements are out of step with children's nature and childishness -- parents always want their children to learn some skills, skills and abilities, so as not to waste time; And children just want to be free, free to run crazy crazy crazy play. In fact, at this age, children, movement than static. Ride a bike, do not ask him to ride how good, how fast; Swimming, do not ask him to swim much, much faster, more standard; Kick the ball. Just have fun. The fun of playing is the most important, skills, skills are secondary. Can not play with the level of skills to suppress the enthusiasm of children to play.

Protect when it's time to protect and let go when it's time to let go. Take your children out to play, as long as they are not out of sight. Parents should follow their children. They should take care of them, help them, remind them, and let them go. Parents should not be too careful or too careless.

The child wants to run outside everyday, with did not worry the child had played a head? Of course not. Children's spare time is a wide range of sports, a wide range of play.

At this time, it is too early for children to sit down to read and study, as long as the weather permits, taking children out to exercise must be more than sitting at home harvest.

A child will not do more than he can do. Children are born with the ability to balance and measure themselves. On the surface, they play wild, crazy, rude, but in fact, they have their own boundaries. If a child wants to play, he must have the need and motivation to play. This need, motivation traction of the child's heart, so that the child can put all the skills to play. Children play enough, will automatically end - unlike some adults, do not want to play, but because of the face, but also there to endure, endure. The child is to close put freely, won't abuse oneself authority.

Children this age are more likely to have adhd -- a condition that is not a disease but a sign of physical and mental health. As long as the safety is guaranteed, the child how to move, how to play is not too much. The child's natural duty is to play, said the child played too much, is their own problems.

After a few years, the child has the pressure of study, it is impossible for him to play like this again. Now, when play is at its peak, let your kids enjoy themselves.

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