How Was The 4,000-square-meter Indoor Sports Park Built?
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How Was The 4,000-square-meter Indoor Sports Park Built?

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How was the 4,000-square-meter indoor sports park built?

         Ai Shang Pokiddo Sports City is a social entertainment and play space for all ages, integrating sports entertainment, parent-child entertainment, sports competitions, interactive technology, team building parties, and Internet celebrity check-ins. The overall planning area of the sports city amounts to 4000 square meters. It is a safe and interesting national play space, providing children with parent-child sports and entertainment scenarios and creating an entertainment and social space for young people. Ai Shang Pokiddo Sports City is based on trampolines, combining sports and entertainment and colliding technology and competition, offering players an immersive play experience.

Pokiddo Sports City

1. Ai Shang Pokiddo Sports City Project Background

       Mr. Zhou, the founder of Ai Shang Sports, is the founder of a well-known domestic head trampoline park. He has accumulated rich experience and achievements in the indoor park industry. At the Guangzhou Amusement Exhibition in 2023, Mr. Zhou and Wang Yongbao, the founder of Pocket House, had an immediate rapport. During the process of communicating and discussing the operation of the park and the development of the industry, they discovered that the two sides held many similar concepts and reached a consensus on brand joint ventures. Therefore, in Shenyang, AiShang and Pocket House collaborated to open the first joint store, giving full play to the advantages of the two brands and providing customers with a more comprehensive and diversified indoor park experience. Through such cooperation, AiShang and Pocket House also hope to bring more entertainment and sports options to adults and children in Shenyang.

2. AiShang Pokiddo Sports City from Design to Construction

Sports park Park Positioning

Park Positioning   


         A social entertainment and play space for all ages that integrates sports entertainment, parent-child entertainment, sports competitions, interactive technology, team building parties, and Internet celebrity check-ins. The sports and entertainment area based on trampolines, which combines sports and entertainment and collides science and competition, is a sports and entertainment benchmark suitable for people of all ages. Here, they can exercise, compete, explore, entertain, relieve stress, play, enjoy, and gather!


Floor Plan

          AiShang Pokiddo Sports City encompasses a high-altitude adventure challenge area that combines quite thrilling screaming slides, rock climbing and high-altitude adventures, a trampoline sports area related to classic trampolines, a cool and trendy TAG competition check-in area, and a digital interactive sports area.

Pokiddo Sports City Design.jpg

Park Rendering Display

Environmental design drawing.jpg

Park Environmental Design Display

        The overall color design of the sports and entertainment area is a combination of orange, purple and blue, which are representative colors of sports vitality. With the concept of "sports" as the core, it advocates healthy living and uses bright and lively colors and wall stickers to create a strong sports atmosphere while remaining sunny, fashionable and interesting. The first impression upon entering the venue is that it seems like one has come to a playground track full of sunshine, running freely with energetic and sunny teenagers!

On-site construction photos

On-site construction photos

         From the entry of the Pocket House construction team to the completion of the project, it took a total of 30 days. During the installation process, the equipment installation team, the engineering construction team and the environmental decoration team carried out construction simultaneously or in a staggered manner and advanced efficiently according to the task plan every day to ensure that the project opened on time. The Pocket House engineering quality team supervised the entire process on site, followed the industry safety standards and checked each equipment installation detail one by one. The project delivery and acceptance also underwent strict inspection.

3. Introduction to the attractions in Pokiddo Sports Park

Artistic rock climbing

Artistic rock climbing

High-altitude adventure

High-altitude adventure

Spider wall.jpg

Spider wall

Donut slide.jpg

Donut slide

Free Jump.jpg

Free Jump

Professional trampoline.jpg

Professional trampoline

Swinging bridge.jpg

Swinging Bridge

Ninja Course.jpg

Ninja Course

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