How to start and manage indoor playground (A)
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How to start and manage indoor playground (A)

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How to start and manage indoor playground

Indoor playground business is prosperous now and market potential is big. Many investors want to start it, but they have no idea how to prepare and what should be noticed.

Many investors may find confusing: it seems that play games and services are roughly the same, but why do the indoor playground business differ so much? Some business is always lively and extraordinary,  some have few guests and the venue is deserted?

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First:  Preparation work for opening indoor playground

1. Make a research

Before starting indoor playground, you must make a research for the following:

Location choice: is it in a shopping mall, supermarket or residential community?

and you need to check your competitor’s area size as a reference and decide your own kids indoor playground size

Rental fee for one month: it matters your area size

Local populations and  consumption level is very important for your cost return

Competitors: you need to know how many competitors and their advantages, so you can know how to win them

make an assessment of the people flow around the site as well as the business prospects surrounding it.

Your budget: make a general budget for indoor playground equipment, rent, employee, and decorations, it is the basic plan.

Your target children age group:

how many children around your site

what age group children nearby

what games will attract them

If you need to know more detailed data, please visit our website page for risk assessment

2. Choose the best site

Indoor playground site is one of the most important factors. There are many ways to choose a site, the flow of people is the most important reference factor.

Frequent commercial activities lot for kids indoor playground

If there are frequent commercial activities, it is usually a commercial center. This place can be described as the inch of gold. But for the site selection, we recommend from the first floor to the third floor. We don’t recommend on the third floor and above or the basement for children’s indoor playground.

High population density areas

In the vicinity of large-scale community, the population density is higher,  parents with children often go to visit. In such areas, there are people of all ages and social classes. Moreover, because the population flow is very large, it is easy to set up membership card, so sales will stay stable; it is also to ensure that indoor playground funds quickly recovers.

Children’s industry gathered area

Children’s industries include maternal and child shops, children’s food and beverage, children’s clothing stores, infants and young children swimming pool, children’s early childhood education institutions and so on. If your indoor playground can be opened in such an area, it will be very easy access to the target customer.

 High-frequency places with children

Kindergartens, schools, parks are places where children often come and go. Operators only need to do a brief publicity, you can easily pull the children to the playground to experience. This can increase the visibility of the park, you can also increase the turnover rate.

3. Local government rules of opening indoor playground

License and  Extinguishing and protection safety are two basic requirements. The different local government has differently required documents, you can consult and prepare these necessary things.

4. Design theme

Children are always curious about new and special indoor playground equipment, so bright and various color design is an essential factor; at the same time, special and unique model definitely attract children attention.Generally, indoor playground manufacturers will provide design, but also you can find a professional designing company to do it. You need to provide the area of the site, floor plan, and other requirements according to your indoor playground plan.

Besides, your decoration theme needs to match with your indoor playground design theme, so that it is unified style and leave an impression on potential customers.

5. Supplier Capability and  Quality assurance

Since there are so many indoor playground equipment suppliers, bigger ones, and small ones, so it is very necessary for buyers to choose legally registered factory, check their manufacture ability, certificates, accomplished projects.Safety is the most ranking factor for children indoor playground.If you expect new and qualified products, you will accept higher budget; If quality cannot be guaranteed, it is high potential safety hazard. To be wise buyers, you should have long sight not just saving money.

6. Negotiation about the indoor playground equipment price

If the indoor playground manufacturer makes the design, they will offer price when they finish it. But, if you do the design work with the designing company, you have to discuss the price with your manufacturer. As price is different between different factories.  Some calculate the price by the area, while others are calculating by specific product. After the price is negotiated, the next step is about the payment and contract issues. After deposit payment is done,  indoor playground manufacturer begins to produce your customized indoor playground.

7. Installation of indoor playground equipment

In the contract, you can discuss the installation work. You ask the indoor playground manufacturer to install the equipment or you can install it by yourself. The factory will provide instruction papers and other guidance. After the installation, your indoor playground is ready to open.

To be continued... 

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