How To Select Equipment When You Build A Wonderful Playground?
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How To Select Equipment When You Build A Wonderful Playground?

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   Many factors weigh into a play equipment selection. Various equipment styles, manufacturing materials, quality and safety features differentiate your selection possibilities. Also, the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) recommends separate play areas for preschoolers from ages 2 to 5 and school-age children between ages 5 and 12. As a rule of thumb, 40% of your equipment budget and space should be allocated to preschoolers and 60% to school-age children. Adjust this ratio depending on the mix of ages using your playground.

  • Equipment types

  •  Most play equipment falls into one of two types. First, composite playstructures are connected and offer a wide variety of active and social play challenges. A well-designed structure can accommodate a large number of children in a relatively small area. Second, swings, climbers and spring riders are typical of independent playthings, which should be located a safe distance away from a composite structure. The best play areas offer both types of equipment to satisfy the needs of a greater range of users.

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  • Play activities
    When selecting specific events, consider:
    * Developmental benefits
    * Variety
    * Liability issues
    * Age-appropriateness
    * Cost
    * Inclusive play (accessibility)

  • Safety

  • Most manufacturers comply with the CPSC's Handbook for Public Playground

  • Safety and ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) Standard F1487 guidelines on equipment           design, layout, installation and maintenance. However, when comparing equipment from several                         manufacturers,  you will want to consider all the details, as not all products are equally safe or durable.

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  • Aesthetics
    Do you want playground equipment that blends into its surroundings, or do you prefer a structure that makes a bold statement? What shapes will look best on your playground?

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  • Materials
    Consider the materials used in the equipment you are contemplating. For example, wood has a natural look but it is likely to crack and requires significant maintenance. Some steel products rust quickly in damp or salty areas, making aluminum or stainless steel a better choice for structural parts. Vinyl-coated metals offer users protection against temperature extremes. And plastic parts should be made of high-quality resins with additives to prevent color fading and UV-degradation.

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  • Other issues
    When making a final purchase decision, consider these important points:

      * Ease of installation (and availability of professional installers, when needed)
      * Follow-up support services available from the representative
      * Durability of materials
      * Manufacturer's playground-specific maintenance program
      * Manufacturer's warranty
      * Cost of ownership over the life of your equipment
      * Manufacturing and delivery time

One of the best ways to review the choices is to visit existing playgrounds, both old and new. See how the equipment wears over time, talk to the maintenance crew, and seek references from other churches that have purchased similar equipment.

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