How to Run a Children's Playground?
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How to Run a Children's Playground?

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How to Run a Children's Playground 

Indoor playgrounds for children are popular locations for parents with toddlers and young kids. These gyms offer a fun secure location where kids can challenge themselves, meet new friends and learn new skills. Options to open a children's indoor playground include buying into a franchise or starting your own independent gym. Once you know the brand direction, you need to acquire equipment and all the proper state registrations.

Franchise or Independent Brand

Many franchise opportunities are available when it comes to indoor playgrounds.Even with a franchise, you still have other out-of-pocket costs such as a lease, labor and insurance. You need a location that is large enough and meets all building code and safety standards. If after looking at the franchise opportunities that are available, you decide to establish your own brand, develop a concept that kids will want to flock to. Perhaps you supplement playtime with princess parties or craft classes. Establish something that makes your brand unique.

Child play facilities typically require an inspection before you can receive a license.

Business Specific 

Many states require specific licenses for any business operating a child activity center, such as an indoor playground. For example, the city of Chicago requires a Children’s Activities Facility (CAF) license for any business with a play center. The cost of the license at the time of publication was $500. Licensing is dependent on the facility passing an inspection by the city for zoning reasons. Contact your state's small business center or your county clerk for further information about the specific child activity license you need.

Other Licenses

Your state may require other licenses if you offer certain services at your indoor playground. For example, if you want to offer an area for kids to eat or buy food, your state may require a child-care facility food-handling license. Indoor playgrounds that offer daycare areas may need a separate license for taking care of kids. For example, Texas defines a child-care center as a place that provides supervision to children. If the state could argue that you supervise children in your indoor playground, it might be safer to have the additional license.


Licenses for any businesses involving children typically involve a criminal background check and other restrictions. For example, at the time of publication, Chicago prohibited any person with a felony in the last 10 years from applying for a CAF license. Check with your state regarding any special restrictions regarding licensing for your indoor playground.


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