How to repair the softplay
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How to repair the softplay

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How to fix up the softplay?

Soft play items most for commerical or kindergarten playground. 

Because moving around for pop up events. Wear and tear on indoor playgrounds is normal. After years of kids climbing and stepping on structures, even the highest quality Indoor playground equipment is bound to see some deterioration.So we need to find some repair measure to fix up damaged softplay.

The following are steps about it:

Step1: Clean the repaired area.

Step2: Insert foam cotton:If there is the dent in the damaged area,insert the foam cotton can make the surface smooth.

Step3: Put in the substitute cloth:

①Please cut the replacement cloth.(The size needs to be larger than the size of the hole.)

②Put the substitute cloth in the hole(The position of the cloth needs to be in the middle of the hole)

Step4: Stick the PVC repair sticker: Just peel it off and stick it on the damaged area.

To help you understand better, we make a video for the repairing of soft playground or soft play items, hope it is useful for you. 

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