How To Provide A Kid-Friendly Environment At Home?
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How To Provide A Kid-Friendly Environment At Home?

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How To Provide A Kid-Friendly Environment At Home?

A kid-friendly environment at home is the most vital and the most basic point before kids starting to build relationship with family members. When it comes to how to create such a healthy environment, I divide it into two parts: a healthy physical environment and a harmonious mental environment.


Part 1: How To Create A Kid-Friendly Physical Environment At Home?

Preventing falls at home

Falls and hitting the wall are the most common cause of injuries and visits to hospital in every age group. You can help to keep your child safe by watching the new skills she’s learning, and the new places she can reach – and then adjusting your home. For example:

·         Install safety guards across entries to stairs and balconies, and always supervise your child on stairs and balconies, even if you have guards. 

·         install flooring mat andwall soft cushion, which can protect your kids when the fall and hitting the wall happens. It can also protect your floor.

flooring mat.jpg  wall soft cushion.jpg

·         windows – particularly upper-storey windows – or shield them with firmly attached window guards so your child can’t fall out. 

 Avoiding Poisoning

Poisoning is one of the leading causes of injury to children under five. Kids are vulnerable and their immune systems are too weak to fight against some chemicals and toxic things. There are several tips that may help you.

·      removing potential poisons

·         storing chemicals and medicines up high in a locked cupboard or cabinet

Choosing safe baby furniture

Safe baby furniture and baby equipment will help to protect your child from toxic chemical element.

·         Using environment-friendly tableware for your kids.

·         purchasing a harmless bed for your little kids, which can not only decorate room but also can contribute to a comfortable sleeping for kids.

Bettaplay-high quality and harmless bed.jpg

·         also buying kid-friendly tables and chairs for your kids to avoid hurting.

wooden table and chair.jpg

Part 2: How To Create A Kid-Friendly Mental Environment At Home?

Play games with your kids

It can support the full potential development of your child by playing games with them.

·         Make a creative wall together. Glue a wide strip of white paper on any of your bare walls, in children’s eyesight. Keep a pot of natural dye, for example, from ripe creeper seeds or ripe blackberry, so children can make hand impressions or drawings. This stimulates creativity, self-esteem and self-confidence.

·         Provide educational toys like building blocks. Different every time Kids build, this educational toys fosters imagination and develops logical thinking. It also can help kids improve ability to identify the shape, promote hand-eye coordination and aware of difference of colors. 


Communicate effectively with kids

·         Set aside time to communicate. Communication does not happen in half-hearted grunts or passing phrases. To truly and effectively communicate, set aside time for discussion, connection, or even just casual conversation, and watch your relationship flourish.

·         Turn off all devices. Your phone, computer, or television is a distraction, and will not aid you in communicating with children. When it comes time to talk, do not allow these objects in the room, or keep them turned off. Turn off your phone, power down your computer, and leave your TV behind.


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