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How to Play Bubble Soccer

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Bubble soccer, since its invented in 2014, has became a popular sport game around the world, especially in United Kingdom, United State, Canada, Australia, Austria, Hong Kong and so on.


So what is bubble soccer and how to play with it? Bubble soccer is an inflatable ball with hollow space that allows a person wearing it and holding it up. Players inside bubble soccer are able to breath. If you have experience on normal soccer / football, then you would find not so much different when you play bubble soccer within a bumper ball, except the part that you got bumped a lot.


The regular playing method is very similar to soccer sports, but not in a complicated way. Actually, there is not a serious official rule of bubble soccer game right now, after all, this game is all about fun.



However, we can design and arrange some rules if we still want a winner team.


How to Play Bubble Soccer Field


Outdoor playground, football pitch, indoor gym, basketball court, large inflatable soccer field, etc.




Score the highest points


Teams and Players


Two teams compete with each other and have the same number of players. Each team contains at least two soccer players, every player should wear the bubble ball.




There is no goalkeeper, everyone in the game is allowed to attack and defense. Organizers should make clearly what to be used as goals before game starts. All inflatable soccer fields already have goals.


Game Play


Bubble soccer game starts with soccer ball in the center of playing field, all players should keep the same distance from it. When referee begins the game with a whistle sound or something else, thats the time all players in both teams strive for the ball. The game can be continued from begin to the end without any break, or just one halftime, depend on players age range and stamina.


General Rules and Illegality


Hand holding balls are never allowed.

Its a no that player run with soccer ball inside the bubble ball.

If its not for the sake of tackling and kicking balls, you cant bump other players intentionally.

Dont hurt others and be nice.

No offside rule.


Other Variations


Is that only option to play bubble soccer? Luckily no. People have already created several different game variations, and the number will keep growing, it is no doubt we have so many ideas on how to use bumper balls for fun.


Bumper Ball Racing


Its like a running racing, but competitors should wear the body bumper ball. Let the race be more interesting if a ball is put upon the head of each runner.


Bubble Ball Somersault Racing


Its not hard to perform handstand with the help of bubble balls, so instead of running, we go somersaulting.


Rolling Racing


The trick part of bubble ball rolling is that we often roll to wrong directions. Player should have to adjust their position.


Last Man In the Zone


A large round area is given, an amount of players wearing bubble balls get inside the zone. Everyone is your enemy, try to knock all the others out of the zone and be the last man standing.


Confused Fight


Bubble balls can be custom with different colors. So instead of two teams, lets make everyone a team only one goal.


Soap Football


Its time to move the battleground to inflatable soap football field, the field is fully wet by soap water. This game maybe have higher danger rate than others, so few players the best.

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