How To Plan And Design Your Indoor Sports Park?
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How To Plan And Design Your Indoor Sports Park?

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How to plan and design your indoor sports park?


        Bettaplay is a one-stop service provider, we focusing on the production and sales of indoor and outdoor playground equipment. We have our own indoor park brand Pokiddo. Pokiddo is a builder and operation training service provider of indoor sports park, sports adventures park, and amusement park.

       We focus on one-stop commercial park construction services. The front-end business team and the back-end service team grow together with Pocket House. At present, Pokiddo has built more than 800 park cases around the world, and has rich practical experience in park planning and design, equipment manufacturing, venue decoration and installation delivery, and park operation management. 

       Let us take Henan Pingdingshan Sports Park as an example to explain to you how to make reasonable planning and design for your indoor park.


Henan Pingdingshan Sports Park Project Overview

         Pingdingshan Sports Park is located in Feifan Sports Park on Shenma Avenue, Zhanhe District, Pingdingshan City, Henan Province. Feifan Sports Park is a large-scale comprehensive sports and entertainment park that perfectly integrates leisure and entertainment. This is the first one-stop sports and life park in Pingdingshan City that has been fully built. It has very complete and comprehensive sports supporting facilities, such as various professional sports venues and advanced fitness equipment. It also has extremely rich and diverse comprehensive supporting services, covering catering, entertainment, leisure and other fields, which can fully meet people's various life needs after sports. Here, people can not only sweat and release their passion for sports, but also enjoy a comfortable and relaxing leisure time after sports, and experience a rich and colorful life experience. It has undoubtedly become a unique existence with the characteristics and charm of the county in Pingdingshan.


Henan Pingdingshan Sports Park Project Analysis and Planning

           Consumer customer group analysis: Through comprehensive consideration of the scale of the venue and other related formats, the consumer customer groups we finally locked in mainly include young people who like sports and adults. Among them, the young people are full of vitality and vigor, and have a high enthusiasm and interest in sports; while adults may also show a strong love for sports based on factors such as the pursuit of health and the need for leisure and entertainment.



            Through in-depth and comprehensive communication with customers, and on this basis, detailed analysis to achieve precise positioning, we have deeply integrated sports as the core point, and closely combined with diverse elements such as competition, adventure, and digital sports. We are committed to carefully creating a trendy and fun sports park that belongs entirely to young people, thus providing young people with an excellent place to release their energy and enjoy a unique sports experience.




Henan Pingdingshan Sports Park Project Design Plan



Equipment Selection


Park Division


Park Route


            Overall, the interactive electronic equipment is the core point to strongly attract the players' attention and stimulate their strong interest. At the same time, closely combined with the design ideas of non-powered amusement equipment, various amusement projects such as climbing, climbing, sliding, and drilling are creatively recombined and planned. And fully combined with the characteristics of the venue itself, we will strive to create a venue that can bring strong visual impact and unique gameplay. This venue will definitely be interesting and fun, which is reflected in the high diversity of project types; it will also be visually unique, which is mainly reflected in its strong sports theme characteristics; it will also be safe and reliable, whether it is the safety and durability of the amusement equipment can be fully guaranteed; and it is also reasonable in terms of business format, which is reflected in the careful consideration and arrangement of the equipment selection.


Henan Pingdingshan Sports Park Project Effect Display


Overall design rendering of the park


Trampoline area design renderings


Interactive area design renderings


Rock climbing area design renderings

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