How To Operate A Trampoline Park To Last?
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How To Operate A Trampoline Park To Last?

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        Thinking is crucial in any business, especially in managing a trampoline park. It is essential to have a well-planned management and operation system in mind, as well as a mindset of change and empathy. Continuously innovating and improving the park's offerings and service quality is necessary to enhance customer satisfaction and increase competitiveness.


1. The mindset of change is crucial for investors in trampoline parks. They need to identify shortcomings and proactively seek improvements. In today's rapidly evolving world, keeping up with changing trends and customer needs is essential. Retain useful business skills but be open to better ways of managing the park, such as:

- Adding new and popular trampoline projects.
- Improving staff training to provide excellent and personalized service.
- Implementing a more efficient promotion and management system that encourages player interaction.
- Conducting market research to ensure that the park remains relevant to the needs of its customers.

2. Empathy is also vital in ensuring excellent customer service. As a service industry, trampoline parks need to be attentive to the needs of their customers. Applying change-seeking and perspective-taking thinking to the following areas is crucial:

- Decoration: Trampoline parks should plan and design the venue based on customers' preferences. Ensure that the decor appeals to their interests and preferences, matches the color scheme, and pays attention to lighting.
- Rest Area: Providing a rest area is essential, especially since most customers of trampoline parks are children accompanied by their parents. Having a designated resting area takes care of the tired children and their parents.
- Interactive games: Players can easily get bored playing on a single trampoline. The park should employ event planners to facilitate interactive trampoline games regularly. Such activities make the trampoline experience more exciting and engaging.

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