How to make your Trampoline Park or indoor playground business prospect?
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How to make your Trampoline Park or indoor playground business prospect?

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How to make your Trampoline Park or indoor playground business prospect?


Living in a competitive society, every business needs marketing to win, no matter you are owning a small business or a big business. So is the trampoline park or indoor playground business.

You need to plant the name of your trampoline park into people’s mind, so it can bloom.

Promotion Advertising is a good way to help your trampoline park or indoor playground been noticed by potential customers, and attract them to come.. But how to keep them and have them stick to your trampoline park?

Here are some tips that may help:


1. Make an official website for your Trampoline Park or Indoor Playground

A business website is where you start building brand awareness for your trampoline park. It works like a business card to your customers. Advertise it on google or your local search engine, to allow your customers easily find your trampoline park. To get a good rank in google search result, you should create contents including blogs and news, events information, videos and images, etc.


2. Advertise on social media platforms.

Advertising on social media platforms is a great option for indoor playground business. Coz it allows your trampoline park information appear repeatedly to billion people over the country. The more expose rate you got, the more potential customers you will have. Instagram, Youtube, Tiktok, or facebook can be good choices. You can share videos or photos of your indoor playground or trampoline parks, or any events hold in your trampoline parks.  


3. Set up VIP membership with precharge discount service.

During holiday or anniversary, you can publish some limited version precharge VIP cards,which would hold your customers for long. For example, the ticket of your playground is USD 50 in normal days, you can sell a season card as USD 480 for 12 times entry, expire for 3 months since the day of purchase. Etc. A precharge card does not only help you keep customers to you, but also helps on your cash flows.


4. Create Survivors with your Trampoline Park Logo

Create Survivors with your Trampoline Park Logo. Such as trampoline socks, mascots, key chains, little fans, mugs etc. These things with your logo on would help your customers to remember your trampoline park and logo. Whats more, they works as a kind of decoration that helps creating atmosphere of celebration in the events. Ensure all your staff members wear branded shirts during work time. These things can be used for sale or changing by VIP points, this also helps create about 5% income of your trampoline park。


Hope the above 4 tips bring you real benefits in your business! And may your trampoline park or indoor playground business be prospective! Thanks for watching.

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