How to make your investment in joining the sports hall more competitive? It is important to know these points
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How to make your investment in joining the sports hall more competitive? It is important to know these points

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The third child policy has made the baby market a current hot spot for sports hall franchising. Among them, the sports hall is favored by many investors for its rich business model and chain of profitability. In recent years, different levels and forms of sports pavilions have appeared in front of consumers.

However, as long as you calmly observe, it is not difficult to find these emerging indoor playgrounds, only a small part of the really well run and profitable, while a considerable part of the soon fell into a difficult plight to continue. The reason for their failure is mainly due to the lack of basic understanding of the sports hall industry.

Many sports hall investors believe that the equipment and business layout in the venue is the core key to determine whether the venue can be profitable. They think that as long as they find a similar venue and buy a set of sports hall equipment, they can complete the project. In fact, they do not, they ignore more other important factors, so that they go on the wrong path, or even investment failure.


It is true that valuing hardware equipment is understandable, because equipment is related to safety, and the absence of safety does not help. However, this is by no means all that is needed to enhance the core competitiveness of a sports hall. In addition to a high standard of equipment, the market competitiveness of a sports hall comes mainly from the following aspects:

I. Good sports venue selection and lease negotiation

Sports hall projects have high gross margins, but weak leasing capacity, and venue rent is the main cost of later amusement projects. Many sports hall investors are dragged down by rising rents. Therefore, if you can obtain a higher quality venue on more favorable lease terms, then there is no doubt that this equates to reduced operational risk and increased predictable returns.

II. Advanced sports hall planning

Many people do not realize how much the design of the indoor park environment affects sales performance. If a sports hall achieves better performance in design, layout, program integration, lighting use, decorative elements and material selection, it can win 50% more than other parks.

III. Strong sports hall operation ability

A strong operation and management team can provide various marketing solutions and strategies for the park, with calm market thinking and market analysis ability.

IV. Leading sports venue facilities

The unique advantages of introducing projects and rides with international trends and providing customers with a safe, innovative and high-end entertainment experience through integration will be obvious.


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