How to make your indoor playground trampoline parks continue to Profit?
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How to make your indoor playground trampoline parks continue to Profit?

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How to make your indoor playground continue to Profit?

It has been decades since indoor playground parks entered Chinese market in year 2010. Children's indoor playground represented by naughty castles and trampoline theme parks has blossomed everywhere in large, medium and small cities in China. Thanks to the rapid development of market demand, investors have enjoyed market dividends and made a lot of Money.


Indoor trampoline park market Analysis

However, with the gradual maturity of the market, the competition in the industry has become more and more intense. The most intuitive manifestation is the operation of indoor parks. The time interval from the "preservation period" to the "bottleneck period" is constantly shortening, and in the epidemic era, this trend even more exacerbated.

In normal situation, after three months to six months since the store opens, and during non-holidays, the indoor playground will experience a gradual decrease in passenger flow, and profits cannot increase or gradually decline, and the store start to loss. Although the corresponding advertising and promotional activities can bring a certain number of customers in the short term, the sustained effect in the later stage is not obvious, and it will return to its original state after a long time.


Reasons for the decline in business

There might be multiple factors for this situation, the most important of which are the following 2 points:

1st. The homogenization of surrounding business formats is serious, and the pressure of differentiated competition is increasing. The essence of business is profit-seeking. When an industry has a large influx of peers, the market changes from a blue ocean to a red ocean, which often cannot escape the vicious circle of malicious competition at low prices.

2nd. The inherent indoor amusement equipment cannot meet the increasing demands of tourists. With the improvement of people's living standards, more and more consumers are not only staying to satisfy the basic attributes of "play", such as group building, partying, research experience, social interaction, etc., which endow the indoor park with richer and more valuable attributes , the traditional indoor park amusement equipment has been difficult to meet the demands.


How to break through the bottlenecks

 How can Bettaplay Indoor playground and trampoline parks break through these bottlenecks?

Maintaining a reasonable iterative upgrade of equipment and meeting new entertainment consumption characteristics is the key point!

Bettaplay continuously upgrade new games which always bring players new fun and challenge. Bettaplay indoor playgrounds and trampoline parks follow the development trend of indoor parks, empowers parks to iteratively upgrade, and launches 7 types of parks and 56 types of games and equipment. It is suitable for different consumer groups and meets the needs of investors for product iterative upgrades. Investors are welcome to discuss the product upgrade plan of the park and add vitality to their venue operations!



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