How To Ensure Children's Safaty When Playing Indoor or Outdoor?
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How To Ensure Children's Safaty When Playing Indoor or Outdoor?

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   Playfulness is the nature of babies.There is no baby who don't like to play, especially toys. Sometimes babies can even enjoy playing with toys for a whole day. Therefore, being parents, they should know exactly about the safety of toys when their children play both indoors and outdoors. Parents should carefully choose the toys and playing venues to meet safety standards for their baby. Only in this way can the baby not be harmed when playing with toys indoors and outdoors. Now let's get some tips of how to prevent the hazards when children are playing.


    In the beginning, I'd like to introduce some methods to choose toys.

    Firstly, when choosing toys, we should pay attention to the age of the baby. Safety toys for older children are not necessarily suitable for younger ones.

    Secondly, toys for babies should be hard to disassemble, without small parts that can easily be placed in the ears, mouth, nose, etc.

    Third, the toys purchased may be safe, but if they are not properly maintained or inspected on a regular basis, children will be in danger at any time. Therefore, every time, it is necessary to check whether the toys are safe

    Fourth, do not choose toys made of glass and fragile plastic or with nails, coils or protruding needles.



    In addition to the selection of the toys, parent also need to protect carefully when children are playing indoos and outdoors.

   Children always like to climb on the floor, which is very troublesome ("What's shining on the carpet?"). Thus you have to redouble your efforts to ensure your baby's safety. Even if your baby's room has been specially treated to meet the baby's safety requirements, you should look around again and pay special attention to the baby's favorite room and the most favorite corner. You have to give your baby enough freedom to be under surveillance to play and explore without you (which is good for her growth), in order to ensure that the place where the child plays is safe. Never leave your child alone somewhere, forever!

   All in all, parents should promote children to play with other children since it can boost the development of them, which impose a great positive impact on them. But at the same time, always bear in mind that the safety is the first priority!     

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