How To Encourage Children Properly
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How To Encourage Children Properly

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Our children should encourage more and reduce criticism education, but this encouragement is limited. Don't let our encouragement turn into spoiling, or even let the children lose themselves. So, how to encourage the children correctly?

    1. Grasp the right time.           

        When we encourage children, we must pay attention to the right time, because when the children are in a bad mood or meet with setbacks, they need encouragement most.

   2. Don't encourage blindly. 

       We should try our best to be targeted, not blindly encourage children, not to know the truth of things to encourage children, all encouragement is for reasons.

  3. Don't praise him for his cleverness.          

     We should pay attention to encouraging children to do so, but don't let them be praised for their intelligence, which will be harmful to children because of their pride.、

  4. Encourage attitude more.        

    Children's attitude should be encouraged more, because at any time, children's attitude to work hard is very important, so we should actively encourage.

 5. Don't be complacent.      

      For children's achievements, we should not let them be complacent, especially parents, let alone be proud of their children's achievements.


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