How to design kids indoor playground?
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How to design kids indoor playground?

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1. Safety of the playground

A. Supervise kids using playground equipment before they play

B. Divide the play area based on kids’ age

C. Ensure safe surfacing Beneath and surrounding playground equipment

D. Provide protective gear for kids

E. Check the playgrounds are inspected and maintained by qualified personnel

       Safety should be placed first. The playground is a parent's best friend on a sunny day. Little kids get the chance to run, climb, swing and slide, but kids are likely to get injuried without care. From bruises and scrapes to broken bones and head injuries, playground structures open kids to the possibility of getting hurt. Therefore, it's important to keep your indoor playground safe so that parents can rest assured. What have been mentioned are some tips to make it.

2. Environmental sanitation

A. Clean and sanitize surfaces immediately if dirt is present

B. Clean and disinfect after body fluid incidents

C. Clean with  mild antibacterial soap, warm water, soft cloths, soft bristle brushes and WD40

       The next goes to environmental sanitation. If indoor playgound is not properly cleaned, it can become a hazard to public health. Some kids might get infectious diseases because of the terrible environment. Properly cleaning then sanitizing or disinfecting will reduce harmful germs and children's risk for illness and disease.

3. Decoration Style

A.Jungle theme 

B.Ocean theme 

C.Ice theme 

D.Snow theme 

E.Candy theme 

F.Colorful theme 

All above are the most popular styles for children. The new and unique decoration design is the hallmark of indoor playground, and the excellent design of the kids indoor playground is the decisive factor to avoid the homogeneity of the kids indoor playground.

4. Original and high-quality equipment

A. Safe, Controllable Fun

B. Complimentary Attraction

C. Child-friendly cover
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