How To Conduct Thorough Market Research for An Indoor Sports Park Before Investment
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How To Conduct Thorough Market Research for An Indoor Sports Park Before Investment

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How to Conduct Thorough Market Research for an Indoor Sports Park Before Investment ?

For investors of indoor sports parks who aim to achieve a quick return on investment, the first and foremost step is market research and analysis. Only by grasping the entire market, comprehending the market situation, and making comprehensive preparations can they navigate smoothly in future operations. So, what considerations are necessary for the preliminary market research of indoor sports park.


I. Considerations for Market Research on Indoor Sports Parks

Are there competitors in the operating area?

Market demand and potential consumer groups (population, development level, economic income level, consumption capacity, etc.)

Industry trends in the operating area (from cultural and sports categories, amusement places, such as badminton halls, commercial areas, gyms, etc.). Understand the overall operating conditions and risk situations of the area, and analyze the development potential. Also, understand the flow of people factors of other competitors, analyze your own advantages, and create differentiated competition models. Remember not to blindly follow the trend!

II. Market Research Methods for Indoor Sports Parks

Seek Expert Guidance

When indoor sports park investors carry out relevant market research and analysis, they must seek more expert opinions to understand the relevant guidance. Through expert advice, they can better assist themselves in conducting market analysis.

Field Research on Indoor Sports Parks

With the growing popularity of sports parks in recent years, there are an increasing number of indoor sports parks in the market. Therefore, based on your investment direction, you can conduct market research in the county. For example, if you plan to build a brand and join an indoor sports park in the future, you can choose a larger venue area for inspection, such as Pocket House Amusement.


Questionnaire Survey Method for Indoor Sports Parks

To understand the thoughts of many consumers about indoor sports parks, you can design targeted questionnaires. You can submit questionnaires online or distribute paper questionnaires offline to passers-by on the street. Key questionnaire questions could be: If you were to choose an indoor sports park, what would be the most important factor? For instance: safety of product equipment in the indoor sports park, diversity of entertainment facilities in the indoor sports park, professionalism of service staff, high visibility and high online ranking, high cost performance, good surrounding environment, and close proximity. Arrangements can be made based on the results of the questionnaire survey.

Indoor Sports Park Copywriting Research

Mainly involve the collection, organization, and analysis of second-hand information, as well as online information search and library and other book information search.

Indoor Sports Park Competitor Research

The fundamental goal of competitive research is to uncover the status of competitors through all available information.

The status includes: product and price strategy, channel strategy, marketing (sales) strategy, competition strategy, R&D strategy, financial status, and human resources, etc. Discover their competitive weaknesses to help enterprises formulate appropriate offensive strategies and expand their market share.

In addition, for the special advantages of competitors, avoidance strategies need to be formulated to prevent damage to the company.

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