How to Choose the Right Toys at Different Stages of their Children
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How to Choose the Right Toys at Different Stages of their Children

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Children have different developmental conditions at different stages of growth, and different needs and choices for toys that can accompany them. Different children have different needs for toys. Parents should pay more attention to what their children like, and then choose the right toys to suit their children's needs. To help our children develop some corresponding abilities, promote the development of intelligence, so that our children can grow up healthy. Here are some tips that parents should learn to help their children choose toys. There are five stages.

When our children are between zero and six months old, they are favorite visual-stimulating colored and sound toys. Children at this stage are curious about everything in the world, because children at this stage can only be in bed or in the arms of adults. We can teach children what their parents are doing or what is in this range through visual colors and ear sounds. At this stage, we can also use toys such as ringing bells to improve the attention and hearing of children, but parents should also pay attention to toys that do not have a harsh sound!

When our children are in four to six months, the children of this period like to move their hands very much, they can grab something and like to bite with their mouths, and then the parents can prepare some toys that can be scratched. The material of the toy should not be poisonous and relatively soft.

For example, parents can buy Soft Building Block for children.

By the time our children are seven to twelve months old, they will have to climb and sit up, and even some will learn to walk. Gradually they have their own ability to move, and parents can buy toys such as balls and blocks that not only exercise their ability to move, but also help their children develop their intelligence.

When our children are one or two years old, children at this stage have begun to learn to speak from their parents, and they have some cognitive abilities. Parents can buy early education machines and recognize cards to tell stories, which can not only help children increase vocabulary, but also help their children develop their ability to speak.

When our children are between the ages of three and six, the children at this stage are ready for kindergarten, and they have their own learning ability and social communication ability. Parents can then buy puzzles and puzzle toys, which can help develop intelligence and develop independent abilities.

In the end, I hope parents can buy the toys that children love and suit.

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