How to Choose the Location of the Playground?
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How to Choose the Location of the Playground?

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As a builder, when you have decided to build the playground, you must think of the location of the playground. We are talking about it now. There are four areas of planning that you should consider when choosing your playground location.


Firstly, deciding on your playground site is the most important area. If you don't a site in mind, it's a great idea to ask others in the community for their input on where they would like to see the playground built. You can start by contracting places like: community parks, park and recreation departments ,schools and other organizations that offer play and recreation opportunities for children. For example, you can renovate an old playground. If you choose to renovate an existing playground instead of installing a new site, be sure to have it evaluated for current safety standards.


Secondly, it's necessary to creating the right topography for your play space. Topography is the arrangement of the natural and artificial physical features of an area. To create the best play environment for kids, it's smart to provide a mix.  For example, utilizing berms (the level space, shelf, or raised barrier separating two areas) with ramp play spaces is a great way to achieve higher deck heights, instead of ramp from level ground. The level grade of the land is one of the most critical elements to consider. Imagine trying to build on uneven land! Choosing a site that doesn't need major grand will help you save time and money.


Thirdly, you must evaluate the land and soil.Things that will affect your project are:type of soil,groundwater and seepage and drainage of the land. Don't afraid of it! There are experts out there who can help with all this.Your local representative knows about all this stuff and is familiar with a variety of conditions from their installation experience in the area, and can advise of any special treatment the ground may need. A landscape architect can provide guidance on soil-related issues and drainage. If a soil testing facility is not readily available, you can contact the local Master Gardener or the Department of Agriculture for assistance with your play space.


The last but not least, consider the climate. It's given that most people don't want to spend a lot of time in direct sunlight. The best playground layouts feature shady spots,overlooks and rain coverings so that the elements don't take control over your site. Here are people who will be able to help you identify the best placement for your playground. Just ask your local representative! Be thoughtful about placement of site amenities, so that shade structures are positioned to best screen the sun. Including tables designed for mobility device access will help ensure that people of all abilities can utilize this great opportunity to gather and socialize!


In the end ,I hope you can find your own location of the playground!

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