How To Choose Gates for Your Indoor Playground Park?
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How To Choose Gates for Your Indoor Playground Park?

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How to choose gates for your indoor playground park?

      The gate of the indoor sports park is the control entrance of the entire sports venue. It is responsible for the important functions of people flow control and ticket check-in. It is a small device that integrates mechanical hardware, electronics, data processing, network command control and various readers and writers. Channel management system. Therefore, many investors in digital sports parks and even supermarkets and scenic spots are more concerned about how to choose the turnstiles at the ticket gates, especially in places like indoor parks. The choice of turnstiles must consider both safety and convenience. So how? How to choose a suitable and safe gate? As a professional brand service provider of one-stop service solutions for sports parks, Pocket House Amusement will briefly talk to you based on its own accumulated experience.

1. What types and types of turnstiles can be chosen for sports parks?

1)Three-roller turnstile: The passage is composed of three poles. The length of the standard pole is 50cm. The width of the pedestrian passage only allows one person to pass independently. It is suitable for one-way or two-way traffic and the traffic speed is average.

Indoor park turnstile.jpg

2)Swing gate: Generally composed of pairs of door panels, the standard length of a single door is 60cm and can be customized to 90cm wide. The width of the double-set split channel can reach 1.8m. Suitable for one-way or two-way traffic, with average traffic speed.

indoor playground gate.jpg

3) Wing gate (scissor gate): A single channel is composed of a pair of doors (at least two single gate machines) that form a channel. Double motor gate boxes can also be placed in the middle to form multiple channels. The channel width is less than 60cm. It is suitable for It can control the flow of people in one or two directions. It is an upgraded version of the tripod wing gate and has a stylish appearance. It has generous features and fast traffic speed.

Wing gate.jpg

4) In-line gate: It consists of a in-line gate pole. The channel width is generally less than 60cm. It is suitable for one-way or two-way channels and has fast traffic speed.

In-line gate.jpg

5) Turnstile: Rotary operation, the channel width is generally less than 600MM, suitable for one-way or two-way channels, the traffic speed is fast, and the installation is slightly complicated.


2. Several factors to consider when choosing digital sports stadium gates

1) Aesthetic appearance: The trend of sports park entrance gates is single column and double pendulum, slender type. In terms of aesthetics, everyone has different aesthetics, so you can only make your own judgment choices.

2) Safety of gate passages: Swing gates and wing gates (scissor gates) generally rely on pairs of infrared reflections to detect human bodies. Infrared rays are blocked by objects and reflected back to represent people passing by. Safety risks: swing gates will hit pedestrians. , causing unnecessary security disputes, the number and location of infrared detection cannot be too small. In addition, the opening and closing force of the gate should not be too large, otherwise it will injure (clamp) people; when closed, the swing door cannot be forced open at will, otherwise the fundamental function of the gate will be lost.

3) Reliability of the operation of the gate equipment: The reliable operation of the gate depends on the reliability and control method of each component of the gate. The basis is to choose good quality components, such as card readers, controllers, motor displays, etc.; the control method mainly depends on the design of the control unit and the communication method.

4) The service life of the gate: the swing gate is driven by a motor to rotate and is in constant motion. The life of the motor, the life of the reduction mechanism and the frequency of use determine the life of the equipment.

5) Gate materials: Gates are used for people to pass through. Considering the various external factors, the service life of the machinery is an important consideration. The gate is a concentrated place for people flow in the park and should be beautiful, so stainless steel is better. choose. Stainless steel materials are divided into various models, and 304 stainless steel is the best. It is best to wrap the door panel material with flexible material to prevent children from being injured.

6) Gate surface material: The top of the card reader, scanner, and display screen needs to be transparent. Although plexiglass is low-cost and easy to process and install, after repeated use, the surface glass will be worn and rough, affecting the reading of barcodes. Speed and accuracy, so wear-resistant quartz glass must be used.

7) Ticket inspection speed: When the gate is used in large traffic during the park holidays, the ticket inspection speed is a very important factor. The ticket inspection speed depends on the channel gate control method, communication networking method, ticket inspection processing software, Mechanical action speed. Generally, the response speed of the channel gate should be controlled within 500ms.

8) Integration of gates and systems: Many park gates are only used solely to control the flow of people in and out, which greatly reduces the operating efficiency of the park and increases labor operating costs. Before choosing a gate, you need to combine it with the park's cashier membership system, connect the membership system data with the gate control, and cooperate with the ticket information to better standardize the sports park franchise operation service. In addition, it needs to be emphasized that the gates should try to choose manufacturers with good openness or good versatility (communication protocols) to reduce future operating costs (such as membership system replacement, gate motherboard and communication hardware replacement, secondary development of software and hardware) .

3. Comparative summary of sports hall turnstile selection:

1) Focus on controlling the flow of people, you can choose three roller turnstiles, wing turnstiles, or one-way turnstiles;

2) If you need to control both the flow of people and the direction of traffic, choose a swing gate;

3) To control the flow of people and require fast traffic speed, choose wing gates or one-way gates.

4) Turnstile generally depends on Party A’s requirements.

4. Price Factors of Sports Park Gates

After comprehensively weighing the above factors, price negotiation for the machine must be in place. The key is to choose a price that is acceptable to both parties. The price of the gate can be compared through quotations from multiple powerful professional gate manufacturers.

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