How to choose children's amusement equipment?
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How to choose children's amusement equipment?

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  • Children's amusement equipment should be judged objectively.

Childhood is the basic stage of life, from fetuses, neonates, infants, preschool children to adolescents in the process of continuous growth and development. Its dynamic characteristics are different from those of adults, and vary greatly in all ages. It is necessary to consider children's mental development and physical development in a realistic way so as to select suitable children's amusement equipment.

From birth to 1 years of age for infancy, the physiological characteristics of this period are faster growth and development than any other period, rapid development of nerve, weak immunity, and infectious diseases. It can be purchased, such as soft filled children's amusement equipment, rattle drum, extrusion voice toy, etc. From 1 to 3 years old, the physiological characteristic of this period is that the growth rate of the body is slower than that of the baby, the language and the ability of action are obviously improved, and he will move, but there is no safety consciousness and self protection consciousness, and it is easy to happen accident. Children's amusement equipment such as ball, dragging toy, building block, toy house, toy car, puzzle toy, beach toy, and so on; 4 years to 6 years old, the development of children's physical development continues to grow, and there are still slight inflexibility, carelessness and unquiet characteristics. You can choose tricycles and helmets, bicycles, puzzles, dolls and costumes, storybooks, toys and games with characters and accessories. 6 to 9 years of age are school-age children who enjoy playing games with skills and intelligence. We can choose to buy kites, bicycles and helmets, skating shoes and protective supplies, handicrafts, dolls, puppets and theatrical clown, sports instruments, puzzle toys and chess toys. 微信图片_20180507192833

  • Instructions for the use of children's amusement equipment.

  •  The application of the age range. The general toy will indicate the age range of the toy in the instructions, and it can be purchased according to the age of the child. This is mainly of two meanings: first, children's amusement equipment is designed for the children of this age group; second, it is dangerous for children not to use this product in this age group.

  • Security warning language. There are some dangers in toys. Factories will remind them through warnings. If the package is opened, please dispose of the plastic bags immediately. Non life preserver can only be used in shallow water and not for children under 3 years old. When buying and using toys, you must read the warnings carefully to avoid the danger of misuse of toys.

  • The effective date. Some products are designated for use within the validity period, so that the use of expired products can be avoided.

  • The usage method . Complex toys, such as children's bicycles, walkers, computer learning machines, etc., import children's amusement facilities should have detailed use methods and matters needing attention. You should pay attention to this in order to choose and buy.

  • Assembly program diagram. Assembly toys should be assembled by adults or children.



  • Buying children's amusement equipment and refuse “three no” products.

According to the "quality law", all products produced and sold in China should be marked with factory names, factory sites and certificates, and shall be marked with standard Chinese characters. Children's amusement facilities should also be imported in Chinese. The instructions for use of toys provide a lot of information about products, which should be read carefully.

Refusing “three no” products, therefore. we should pay attention to the specification of children's amusement equipment.

The key is to select and purchase the National Quality Inspection Administration (QQSIQ) review, the identification and issuance of "special equipment manufacturing license, special equipment installation and maintenance license" unit produced by the recreation equipment, has a certain safety. First of all, the recreational equipment produced by the certificate unit has a complete production drawing, its technical drawings and techniques are reviewed and recorded by the national special equipment inspection institute. The whole production process is produced according to technology, process and process, and the quality of each component is checked and checked strictly, and the parts of the whole equipment are inspected. All in good condition. Therefore, it ensures the safety and technical performance of the whole machine, and plays a positive role in preventing and preventing accidents. Secondly, with the development of the situation, the state has more and more supervision on the safety of amusement equipment, and the possibility of punishing and checking the confiscated equipment at any time is at any time in the purchase of equipment without manufacture and installation of license units. Again, the purchase of equipment with manufacturing, installation license units, can timely solve the problem of customer reflection, after-sales service has a guarantee, relieving worries after the customer. Because the unit that obtains the license is supervised and monitored by the state, province and city. No manufacturing, installation license units, without supervision by the quality department, the production of recreational equipment can not guarantee after-sales service, when the equipment accident, customers will suffer great deception and loss, and even bear the legal responsibility.

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