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how to choose a toy

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      With the booming toy industry, the types of toys have dazzled consumers. Every time I step into the toy store and face the toys in my eyes, my heart is always very entangled. The building block is good, the jigsaw puzzle is also good, the remote control car may play to seem high, the Barbie doll seems to be not suitable for my son … . What should parents do in the face of so many problems? 

      First of all,Age-appropriate, appropriate to buy appropriate age toys, this is the first parents to consider. Because children's toys of every age are designed according to their age and their physical and mental development. This increases the child's interest in toys, so that toys play their full part. 

      Second, safety first, quality assurance in order to prevent toys from becoming invisible killers to hurt children, parents should check whether toys have hidden dangers when they buy toys. Check to see if the manufacturer's name, address, telephone number and related information are marked on the toy packaging, as well as the ingredients and materials of the toy, trial age, usage method, warning signs, etc. 

      Third, the price is reasonable, about the law three chapters facing Linglang full of toys, how should parents choose, in order to meet the needs of their children? For toys, buy only the right ones, not the expensive ones. Parents as long as according to the child's physical and mental development, choose the appropriate toy can, the toy is not expensive, but whether the parents have the time to accompany and participate in the child's play. 


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