How To Choose A Suitable Place for Indoor Playground?
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How To Choose A Suitable Place for Indoor Playground?

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How To Choose A Suitable Place for Indoor Playground?

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The indoor playground is currently in a fast -growing period, and it is also a project with high investment return.Pokiddo will specifically introduce you how to take the location of the indoor playground and what are the requirements of the indoor playground site.

How should the indoor playground choose the location?

How to take the location of the indoor sports park can also be said to be the best for us to choose. In the past, we tried a lot in the time of trampoline parks, such as factory shops, factory stores. But today's sports park can be said to be the only choice for urban commercial complexes or shopping malls.

For this "unique choice", the following points will be answered:

If you choose a factory store today, there is no foundation and no support here, you may have to sort it again. Perhaps the rent of the factory store is relatively low, but there are no parking lots, catering, shopping and leisure, and so on. It is always known that sports parks are a one -stop consumer project. If your venue infrastructure is complete, its attraction point will be larger. Therefore, to do sports park today, commercial complexes or shopping malls are the best choices.

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What are the requirements for the location of the indoor playground?

1. Traffic conditions around the indoor playground

If you want to usher in a large number of customers in the indoor playground,then good position will have a obvious effect, and the good position is generally under the conditions of good traffic conditions. Generally, there will be bus stations and subway stations around will help to attract more customers

2. Find the target customer of the indoor playground

Indoor playground mainly face customers who is 6-50 years old,it is biased towards young people. This indicates that a large part of the people in this area constitute this age group. At the same time, there are also businesses related to the youth industry. Then the drainage of indoor playground has brought positive promotion. The interrelationship between merchants can bring traffic improvement. Close to the specific needs of adolescents.

3. Consumption power

Considering the situation of the audience, you must not forget the consumption level around the surrounding area. This talks about the importance of pricing. If the price and grade exceeds the scope of consumers in the area, even if there are many people here, the sales volume may not have a good performance. Therefore, priority inspection of the consumption level and the composition of consumption levels, and setting up the level of sports parks that meet the level in accordance with positioning

4. Competition analysis

It is inevitable to face competition in business. The situation of the same type of merchants should also be understood when choosing a site in order to make comprehensive consideration. If there are many surroundings, you need to be cautious when entering the market. Even if the traffic is large, the risk is equally large

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