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how to build a outdoor playground for kids entianment A

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It’s so hard to keep the kids entertained when they are out of school, especially on days that you just can’t take them to the park or the pool. These DIY outdoor play areas are perfect. They will keep your little ones happy and give you time to get things done around the house – or you could go outside and enjoy these play areas with them. Whether you want a sandbox, a fun zip line or a DIY seesaw, there is a plan in here that will help you to build it quickly and easily and many of these use recycled materials, so they are really cheap to build.

1. DIY Backyard Ball Run

This DIY ball run is amazing and it’s pretty easy to build. Your kids are going to love it! You can attach it to a fence in the backyard or if you don’t have a fence, use a tree or set up a base with plywood or something similar. You can paint plastic guttering in bright colors and they will have hours of fun dropping their balls into the guttering to see where they come out.

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2. DIY Off The Ground Playhouse

If you don’t have a tree to build a treehouse, this DIY off the ground playhouse is the next best thing. Kids will love playing in their own little clubhouse and you will be amazed at how quickly and easily this one comes together. The supply list is a bit expensive if you have to purchase everything new, but if you have some reclaimed wood and boards that you can use, this one is really not that expensive.

play house (3)

3. DIY Upcycled Bookcase Color Block Sandbox

Turn an old unused bookcase into this adorable DIY color block sandbox. Kids love sandboxes but that doesn’t mean that you have to pay a small fortune for one at a department store. This one is easily built with an old bookcase. You just have to paint it the bright colors that you want and then fill it with sand. There are so many wonderful ideas for repurposing old bookcases.

Bettaplay Various color kindergarten outdoor playground children plastic sand box

4. DIY Construction Site Gravel Pit

Little boys, and little girls too, will love this little construction site gravel pit and you are going to love how cheap and easy it is to make. You just need a small bit of gravel and a few old logs or boards to frame it in. Your little ones are going to sit outside for hours playing with this little construction site. You just have to add the trucks and other construction type toys.

5. DIY Backyard Climbing Wall

Kids love to climb and they will adore this DIY climbing wall that you can build in the backyard. You could hook this up to a fence – provided it’s pretty stable – or put it right on the side of your garage or the backside of your house. And, you can make it as high or as low as you want so you know that they will be safe when they are climbing. It’s easy to put together and your little ones are going to love you for this one!


6. DIY Repurposed Seesaw

An old tractor or big truck tire and a board are just about all you need to create this amazing DIY seesaw. Kids love seesaws and this is one of the easiest and cheapest ones that you can make. The tractor tire, cut in half, gives it just the right back and forth motion. If you happen to have a board that you can repurpose, you could actually make this one for free.

Bettaplay Most popular kids seesaw for children playground seesaw for four children

7. Homemade Old Fashioned Tire 

When I was growing up, we always had a tire swing hanging from a tree in the front yard. I love those things! You can make your own DIY tire swing and add a little kick to it with some paint and a little imagination. This DIY swing is not vertical like those old fashioned ones. You hang this one so that kids can sit right in the hole and paint it to look like any number of fun spring critters.

Bettaplay Custom design for 8 kids outdoor garden baby swing

8. DIY Tetherball

I loved playing tetherball as a child and I’m sure your little ones will love it, too. This DIY tetherball is super easy to make and will give your kids hours of enjoyment outdoors. It’s a great way to upcycle an old tire and the materials are all really inexpensive. You may even already have most of them on hand. Give your little ones some of the same joy that you had playing tetherball!

9. Giant DIY Reclaimed Wood Blocks

I love this idea of creating giant wood blocks from reclaimed wood. You can even let the kids help with painting them, which is a fun project all on its own. When the blocks are finished, they will really enjoy playing with them. If you don’t have any old wooden blocks that you can use, check with pallet mills in your area. They typically sell them for just a few dollars for quite a large load of blocks.


10. DIY Hopscotch Stepping Stones

How adorable are these stepping stones? You make them with really cheap concrete pavers – they’re around $1 each – and some paint. Paint them all different bright colors and don’t forget to add the numbers for each one. This is a great project for the backyard or you could even use these as your regular stepping stones. Your visitors will get almost as much enjoyment out of them as your kids do. I really love creative DIY stepping stone ideas.

11. Cheap And Easy Hula Hoop Hideout

You can get a hula hoop at the Dollar Tree for just a dollar. Then, you can turn that hula hoop into a little hideaway for your kids with just a sheet and some twine. These are great for giving your little ones a space of their own outdoors. Not only will they enjoy playing in their little clubhouses, but they’ll also have a shaded space to keep them out of the sun where they can read or play, whatever they want.

12. DIY Inground Trampoline

What better outdoor play space for your little ones than a trampoline? The thing with trampolines is, they can be dangerous, especially for really young children. This DIY inground trampoline takes away the worries of your kids falling and getting hurt because it is ground level. Plus, if you do it yourself, you’re going to save several hundred dollars over an inground trampoline kit, which cost upwards of $500 or more, depending on where you buy it. 

 Bettaplay China trampline bungee trampoline outdoor for adults.jpg

13. Repurposed Kitchen Sink Play Area

You can turn an old kitchen sink into a fun sand and water table for the kids. If you are redoing your kitchen, this is an excellent way to repurpose that old sink. If you don’t have an old sink that you can use, check with wholesale hardware stores or thrift stores. Chances are, you can get one for under $20 and then you just create the sand and water table to give your kids hours of fun in the sun.

14. DIY Kid Sized Balance Beam

My favorite toys for kids involve some sort of development play. This DIY kid sized balance beam helps them to learn balance, which is really important as they are growing. And, this is a really simple play area to create. You just need some 4X4s and some 2X4s. I love home décor projects from 2X4s – I always seem to have so many on hand. This balance beam project is the perfect outdoor play station for kids and parents are going to love it, too. 

Bettaplay best sale soft play for babies .jpg

15. DIY Backyard Water Slide

Water parks are fun and all, but they are pretty expensive and they can be awfully crowded, which is never a good idea when you have little ones. Instead of hitting the water park this summer, why not just make your own DIY backyard water slide? Your kids are going to love playing and cooling off on this and you are going to love how cheap and easy it is to make.

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