How Indoor Play Places Keep Children Happy and Healthy
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How Indoor Play Places Keep Children Happy and Healthy

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Healthy children are happy children, so keep your kids active and engaged even in the summer months. Heed the American Heart Association‘s suggestion that kids should get at least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous activity each day. One of the many ways to get exercise is to set up an indoor playground.  Sometimes it’s just too hot to play outside, not to mention dangerous when the heat index gets too high. Other times, a rainy day hits and you don’t want them to waste it sitting in front of the TV. With boredom comes inactivity and complaining, so get everyone happy and learn the benefits of an indoor play space.

Indoor Play Spaces: Fun-Filled yet Educational Too

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An indoor playground is full of exciting, fun activities for your kids; however, it’s also a place where they can explore their imagination. Bonus: you can finally sit down for more than a few minutes while you watch them get creative, solve problems and act out scenarios. Behind the scenes, a lot of other things are happening—it may look like child’s play on the surface but your kids are actually learning vital skills that will help them throughout life. Through play, kids are strengthening cognitive connections, boosting their learning ability by helping brain cells grow and thrive according to Parenting Science.

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Also, playtime helps kids “soak in” their regular academic lessons through imaginative play and hands-on activities applying the principles they’re trying to learn about. Using an indoor play space can help your kids self-regulate, increase their language skills and give them a boost with their social skills so they can better get along with peers, pay attention to instructions, and keep themselves in check behavior-wise.

The Happy Factor

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Studies show that kids who engage in regular physical activity are not only healthier physically but also mentally. Good physical fitness helps motivate them in school, to tackle each day with an alert mind and willingness to face problems head on. With these benefits, you should definitely help your kids stay happy and healthy through physical activity in all its many forms—whether playing sports, enjoying an indoor play place or just kicking a ball around in the yard.

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