How does Children Hospital make children not afraid or even love it?
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How does Children Hospital make children not afraid or even love it?

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How does Children’s Hospital make children not afraid or even love it?

The Children's Hospital is always the most feared place for children. However, Children's Hospital can also make children not afraid or even like them. Just need some soft play equipment, it can turn the hospital into a warm children's paradise!

In the traditional impression, the hospital in the eyes of the baby: white walls + pungent smell of disinfectant + serious doctor and nurse wearing a mask, and the sharp needle poked her little butt to death... woo woo ~ Mom,I don't want to go to the hospital!

But through soft play area and other decoration, Children's Hospital also can be the dreamy fairy tale world, let sick babies be in a happy and optimistic state. Children's Hospital can create a fairy-tale world for children, and through this design, children will be able to reduce the disturbance to their emotions during the waiting process, and temporarily forget their pain and discomfort.

So Children's hospital decoration, what should we pay attention to? Here are 3 tips:

1. The choice of Children's Hospital colors

Color can have subtle effects on children's physiology. Because color can have some subtle effects on the human body, there is a scientific method of using color for treatment, namely spectrum therapy. When people are bathed in colored light or in a colored environment, there are positive changes in physiological state.

In the design of children's hospitals, attention should be paid to the scientific use of color in different functional areas of the hospital. For example, green can soothe the emotions and relax the nerves. Some people put forward the theory of "green rate", which believes that when green accounts for about 25% of people's field of vision, people's psychological feeling is the most comfortable.

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And children's color nature, prefer warm colors. After a number of surveys, it was found that children are more inclined to exciting warm colors such as yellow and red.So when buying software, you can also choose such a color.

In the interior design of children's hospitals, pure color can arouse children's interest more. For older children, color alone cannot fully meet their psychological needs, and more complex art forms are needed, such as colorful cartoon characters, toys and puppet shows.


In the waiting room and children's activity space, a large area of warm colors can be used to make children feel warm and interesting, eliminate their fear, and resolve their resistance to treatment. Floors can be warm yellow, the most pleasing color in the color spectrum and energizing.

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Therefore, in view of the diverse scenes in the hospital, it is necessary to implement targeted treatment when designing the colors of these scenes, so as to play an auxiliary role in the rehabilitation process of children. For example, when designing the hall environment of the outpatient department, it is necessary to select colors with bright tones from the basic characteristics of children's age. Such as green and light yellow, the use of green can create a natural environment for children.

2. Safety in Children's Hospital

Children's resistance is inherently weaker than that of adults, so children's hospitals pay more attention to environmental protection and safety in material selection. They will choose soft or original materials, control every detail, and use rounded corners in the design of furniture corners , the socket design should consider safety.


Children must be accompanied by family members in the hospital, so it is necessary to add a warm and comfortable feeling to the family in the design, and also provide a place for family members to relax. In addition, more childlike elements should be added to the interior design, such as: small animal patterns Chandeliers, wall paintings of cartoon characters, bedding with patterns of natural elements, etc., create a warmer family atmosphere.

3. Decoration of key areas of Children's Hospital

For children's hospitals, the key parts of the decoration are mainly two areas.

First, the flow of people in the outpatient area is relatively large, so wear-resistant, cleaning-resistant and anti-skid decoration materials should be selected.

The second is the part of the inpatient building. The key consideration in the area of the inpatient building is impact resistance, and the material of the floor should be impact-resistant and wear-resistant; for the wall, anti-collision belts should be set according to the height of the bed, etc.

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The refined design of the children's hospital can create a good indoor environment on the one hand; On the other hand, through the arrangement of soft play area, children's sensory training can be carried out - dreamy colorful soft ball pools, interesting three-dimensional paintings... You can't see the coldness of the hospital at all, it can be like an amusement park!

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