Plastic Nylon Cable Tie Wenzhou Manufacturers Cable Ties for Parts
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Plastic Nylon Cable Tie Wenzhou Manufacturers Cable Ties for Parts

Material:Nylon, Nylon 66 Color:Colorful Apply to:Amusement Park Kindergarten Pre-school Size:400*8 mm Packing:100 pc / bag operating temperature: -35℃ to 85 ℃
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Your Kids' Zone Builder & Consultant !

                 --We provide one stop solutions of children's commercial playgrounds from design, manufacture and install.

Nowadays, the use of cable ties is very extensive and can be used for home projects, office use, workshops, indoor rides, etc.

How to use cable ties to install your kids zone?

FirstlyLet's look at the cable tie, one side of is smooth, and the other side is a tooth with a small saw blade, which is tied by these teeth.

SecondlyWhen you are tied, you must distinguish between the front and the back. The side with the small saw blade teeth is bent towards the inside, and the pointed end is inserted into the other mouth to form an encircling ring.

As the picture shows:


And thenLet us take the use of the bag in the indoor playground as an example. As we all knowNowadays, the use of cable ties in indoor playgrounds is increasing.

It can be said that the cable tie is applied to the indoor playground and the strap is fixed by the strap.


In addition, you don't need to worry about the quality of the cable tie. That we produce are high quality.Also,it can be made into different sizes as you wish(20-500 square meters'maze is not a fancy).It can be install both indoor and outdoor.Fasteners are used in all the whole installation, solid&safety,easy to manage, non-power equipment, easy maintenance.


 If you build an indoor playground, with netting, safety nets, plastic parts, foam tubes , soft padding such as following:

1. Plastic parts: LLDPE

2. Post: National standard galvanized steel pipe

3. Metals: Galvanized

4. Deck, stair, bridge: Wood inside with sponge, rubber or powder cover

5. Outer cover: Soft Covering PVC

When you Sliding down the slides or climbing the ladders, all in a frantic race through the mazes,  you will find easily cable ties are used extensively throughout whole indoor play structures.  

High quality cable ties used to tie the netting and post padding to the steel pipes.

In play structures, these ties are often used to secure netting or post padding to steel poles, offering a cheaper and more maintenance-friendly solution than screws or bolts. Zip ties allow for easier deconstruction or modification as well. These ties are offered in a variety of colors for section or part identification, as well as contributing to a fun and colorful atmosphere.


INDOOR PLAYGROUND Parts and Materials

As Chinas most expertised manufacturer of indoor playground equipment and systems, BETTAPLAY offers only the highest quality aftermarket components and parts.

All our components are made of highly durable materials that are certified to the major safety standards of the world: ASTM of the US, and EN of Europe, tested by TUV, the world’s largest test laboratory based in GERMANY. In addition, our components and parts are of the same high quality as the original parts in your new playground.


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 Ms. Katie Zhang
 Yangwan Industrial Area,Qiaoxia Town,Yongjia County, Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China (Mainland)


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