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Does the indoor playground make money

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According to our real data from our more than 40 Pokiddo Franchise Sports Parks in China and more than 200 independent brand parks all over the world,  I can confidently say that indoor playgrounds are definitely making money. In fact, indoor playgrounds have become extremely popular in recent years, and for good reason. Here are some successful reasons why indoor playgrounds are making money:

Does the indoor playground make money 2

1. Increased demand: Parents are becoming more concerned about their children's safety and are opting for indoor playgrounds over traditional outdoor playgrounds. Outdoor public parks are often influenced by weather, if high temperature or rain or snow , kids can’t play at all.

2. Variety of activities: Indoor playgrounds offer a wide variety of activities for kids, including jumping castles, ball pools, slides, soft play areas, trampoline parks, and more. Now new sports parks such as Pokiddo Sports park also have some new games , like high altitude climbing wall games , rope course , jumping tower , and some new trend digital sports and interactive games like VR and arc games , which allow parents and teenagers also can have fun in the commercial indoor playground.

3. Convenience: Indoor playgrounds are a convenient option for parents, especially in areas where outdoor playgrounds may not be available due to weather conditions or safety concerns.In indoor commercial playground , parents can have a rest , and also can do some communication with friends while kids can have fun in the commercial playground.

Does the indoor playground make money

4. Opportunities for birthday parties and events: Indoor playgrounds are perfect for hosting children's birthday parties and other events, which can increase revenue for the business. If you can also do some decorated VIP party rooms , camera service , host service ,  food and drinks , gifts and souvenir supply etc, party incoming can cover more than 50% of your total incoming .

5. Potential for increased revenue streams:

Trampoline socks, T shirts , and some toys, you can resell in the park.

For sports parks , you can also do some team building business from companies.

Cooperation with schools , reselling trampoline or other classes in your park .

Last but not least , Like we mentioned , food plus play plus fun, make it all together then it would be amazing for the commercial playground owner . Many indoor playgrounds also offer food, birthday party and beverage options, as well as party supplies, which can increase revenue streams for the business.

Overall, indoor playgrounds are a profitable business model. As long as you choose a right location and a profession playground builder like Pokiddo who has 1 stop solution, your facility is well-managed, and the owners remain adaptive to changing trends, there's no doubt that commercial indoor playgrounds will continue to thrive in the coming years. Because Kids need Play !! And FUN IS OUR BUSINESS we make and sell FUN.

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