Decorating Ideas for a Playroom
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Decorating Ideas for a Playroom

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  If you have the square footage, giving a child their own space is a great way to keep toys contained and provides a safe place to play. Most children cherish a space of their own besides their bedrooms. There are many ways to furnish and decorate a kid’s playroom, and decorating a playroom doesn’t have to bust your budget. Children need nothing fancy to have fun.



Safety Comes First

  When decorating a playroom, always consider safety. No matter the age of your child, safety comes first. Even teens need adults to take precautions when considering a playroom for fun and play.

  • For toddlers and young children, research safety issues --such as corded blinds, outlets, cabinet doors, lead paint -- and plan for these safety issues in your initial design.

  • For younger children, consider using soft wall decorations, such as home-deco foam sticker. Hard walls can easily cause serious head or bodily injuries.


  • Furniture over knee height, such as cabinets, dressers and shelving, should be secured to the walls. This is important even in teen rooms. Bookcases have been known to tip and injure all ages.

Colorful Playroom Ideas

 Picking out a color palette or theme for your playroom can be a lot of fun. This is a great time to go bold! Children respond to bright colors and large patterns, but don’t be afraid to break away from the preschool primary tones. There are many contemporary color palettes that would work well in a playroom, yet still, make it feel grown-up enough that the adults don’t feel like they are hanging out in a kid-only space.

Playroom Furniture Basics

Start with the basics. Every playroom needs ample storage alongside a table and chairs. Even if your child rarely sits still, a table can provide an elevated surface for every activity from tea time to Play-Doh to train-track building.

Playroom furniture needs to be extra sturdy and durable but doesn't need to be expensive. Betta play puts together this fabulous playroom ensemble. You can choose and buy them from the website.

Even if your playroom is designated for a teen, providing a table for study, board games or reading encourages a love for something other than electronics. It can also provide your preteen or teen a quiet place to spread out and be his or herself -- especially if your child is artistic or introverted -- without separating him or her from the family.


Something for the Grown-Ups

Older children do not need much space to play, but a large neutral sofa provides a comfortable spot for them. Throw pillows are inexpensive to make or purchase and can be exchanged as your child's (and your) tastes grow. What’ more, built-in storage doesn't have to be custom or expensive. A shelf and chalkboard painted wall can easily be surrounded with molding to create a custom look.


  We’ve got great playroom style ideas. You can have a look at our website (http://www.bettaplay.com/)to inspire you on how to create a perfect space for kicking back and having fun!

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